Your Life by Design with the Power of Intention

by Dena-Lynn

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Power of IntentionIt’s true that you can create your reality using the power of intention. You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought of trying it out – but somehow it’s just not clear to you. No worries, after you’ve finished reading this post it’ll be a lot clearer AND you’ll be set to put the power of intention into motion.

But first, let’s be on the same page about the meaning of the word intention. In it’s most basic meaning, intention is defined as: An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. I always like to refer to Dr. Wayne Dyer as a resource when discussing intention because this is exactly what he discusses in The Power of Intentionpower of intention. By determining to release the ego, purify our energy by being present with all that that is positive, and engage in positive self-talk – we consequently grab the actual power of intention.

Dr. Dyer shares what he calls the 7 Faces of Intention, and when we come into alignment with these 7 areas in our lives we will know that our power of intention is a perfect match to that of the Source of all life, and this is a powerful state in which to create.

1. Face of Creativity Determine that everything you create in your life is done so intentionally
2. Face of Kindness Intend to be at peace with everyone in your life, including all of your relatives. Always choose kindness, regardless of what the other person is choosing.
3. Face of Love Love, trust and respect yourself. Your view of the world depends upon how much you respect and love yourself. When you trust yourself, you’re trusting in the infinite wisdom that created you. When you fail to trust yourself, you are denying your own divinity, therefore attracting the opposite of your well-being.
4. Face of Beauty Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty. Look for and appreciate beauty everywhere and in everything.
5.Face of Expansiveness Intend to express the genius that you are. Don’t let life de-genius you. Honor your intelligence, wisdom and evolution.
6. Face of Abundance Intend to BE abundant, be in a state of gratitude, being thankful for all that you are and seeing yourself as attracting more of that and being willing to give it away. The Universe always gives you evidence of what you believe, so believe that there is infinite abundance for you rather than believing in your lack.
7. Face of Receptivity Intend to attract ideal people and ideal relationships into your life. Be open to everyone, and be the kind of person you wish to attract.

There are many ways to connect to the power of intention, and Dr. Dyer shares

a list of great ideas for doing just that:

1. Want more for others than you want for yourself.
2. Think from the end – see yourself as you would like to be.
3. Be an appreciator in your life. Look for that which is valuable, rather than worthless.
4. Stay in rapport with Source Energy (God, Jehovah, The Creator, Allah, The Universe) – Your job is to be in a state of harmony with Source.
5. Understand resistance – EVERY thought that you have that is other than the Source from which you emanated is resistance; every unkind thought, every judgmental thought, every uncreative thought, every thought of fear, of depression, every thought of It can’t happen…. ALL RESISTANCE.
6. Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions which you want to produce.
7. Understand the Art of Allowing.
8. Practice radical humility.
9. Be in a constant state of gratitude – be grateful for everything that shows up.
10. Keep in mind that you can never solve a problem by condemning it. You can’t shame your way into higher consciousness.
11. Play the match game – Always ask yourself “Am I matched up with the field of intention?”
12. Meditate – Make it a practice in your life. It is essential because it is your way of staying connected to Source.

Keep in mind always that you are whole and perfect as you were created, and remember to contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce, and feel. Use the power of intention to design the life of your dreams.

Live Well & Be Empowered,


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Hi Lynn,
what a great review of the power of intention!
You have done Dr. Dyer’s book justice and given such a great summary about how to use this power!
Wouldn’t it be great if we all would more and more apply this teaching?

The shift in human consciousness is happening for the better and your post is contributing to it!
Thank you for sharing this!
Love and Light
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