Your Empowerment Begins With Self-Knowledge

by Dena-Lynn

in Empowerment

Knowing yourself well, better than anyone else can claim to know you, is fundamental to your empowerment. When you are empowered, you have specifically and distinctly given YOU license over you and the reality that you choose to create. You act from the position of authority. You believe that you are the most qualified to act in the interests of you. You make better decisions. Most importantly, you generally start enjoying more of the life that you’ve been given – there is congruence between YOU and your actions – you feel at peace.

“Seek first to understand…” ~ Stephen Covey


Who Are You?It all begins with knowing yourself…

The best way to begin this process is by asking questions. Quite naturally, you ask questions when you want to understand or know more about a concept, process, or another person. While growing up we learn to seek the “right” answers from an outside source. However, it’s often the case that what you think or conclude doesn’t get quite the same weight as that of an outside authority. We’re told to think critically – question everything. Isn’t it time that you apply those skills of inquiry to no other worthy authority than you, to discover the most elemental aspects of you? No, this is not an exercise in selfishness. In fact, it’s probably one of the most unselfish things that you can do. When you know yourself you are then most empowered to give the authentic you in service to others.

Below, I’ve listed a few questions for you to ask yourself and consider as you go about your day to day routine. It’s helpful if you keep a journal to take notes because you’ll reflect on your thoughts later:

  • Where is my mind focused right now? Be aware of the circumstances and the people who are surrounding you.
  • Why did I respond/react that way? Note your overwhelming mood and emotion.
  • If I could be anywhere other than here, where would that be? Why?
  • If I could do anything that I wanted to do, right now, what?
  • What am I most proud of about me?
  • What do I find easy? What presents the most challenge?
  • Where have I found success beyond my expectations, when did I fall short?
  • What kind of world do I live in?
  • Who are my closest friends?
  • What do I dream about?

By answering these few questions, you’ve given yourself a great starting point for your self-reflection. Sit still for a while to consider your answers. Ideally, spend this time alone with nothing on your mind and scheduled that will compete for your attention. We have the freedom to draw close to ourselves in our alone time. In fact, spending time with you is a treat that you deserve to indulge in regularly. Why not make it a date?

There are no right and wrong answers to your questions. This is the time for you to ignore outside influencers. This is all about your discovery of who you are. You deserve your complete and unfiltered honesty. Give yourself that.

Within your answers, you’ll get a strong sense of what motivates you, your strengths and weaknesses, and where you fit into the world around you. The answers that you provide in this exercise often serve as catalyst for understanding the ‘whys’ of you that you forgot about – purposely or not. They additionally serve as a springboard for desired change, if you decide that’s best for you.

Above all else, the effect of this exercise is empowerment. You have the ability to act with confidence and conviction. You have opened up your mind to your controlling essence and thatwill continue to give you guidance and direction to live the life that you design.

To Your Magical Empowerment,

P.S. Have you spent focused time to get to know who you really are and what’s most important to you? Please leave a comment to share your process – what did you do or what questions were most revealing for you?

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+Dena-Lynn is a Mom, Grammie, Author, MS Warrior, IM Consultant & Professionally Trained Life Coach. Inspiring The Warrior Within to TRIUMPH in a home based business and in life!

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Chris McCargar

Hey Dena… Great post!

Finding our “raison d’etre”… our reason for being, our “Why” that propels us forward is crucial. It has to be the single most important thing that we can do for ourselves!

I speak from personal experience, when I say… without it, we tend to wonder aimlessly. Once we’ve gone through those key pointers that you’ve outlined – and we have found our “why” – we can literally be unstoppable, because we now have a purpose.

Your list of steps in discovery of purpose encompasses a lot of ground. It will surely help anyone who follows them , to ignite their passion and empower themselves.
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Thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed this post. You said it perfectly, so many people are aimless – knowing your whys is the foundation to start living life 🙂


David Merrill

It’s so important to proceed with your business, as with all things in life, from a point of power. That only comes with identifying why you are engaging in the activities you are.

This is a great exercise to get yourself in touch with your own motivations. If we’re not in touch with this, we really cripple our selves and limit our possibilities.

Thanks, Dena. Even successful pros need to return to these checkpoints on a regular basis.
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Hi David,
I agree, proceeding from a standpoint of power lays the foundation for success in any aspect of our life. That is what extraordinary success rests upon.
Thanks for your comment, David 🙂


Lisa Molina

Your blog is definitely the key to my success – or anyone’s for that matter! In order to serve others we must learn how to serve ourselves. In order to know others, we must learn to know ourselves. and this all means … In order to love others – it is ourselves we must love.
I am grateful to forever me a student or myself, therefore others so that I can have the greatest impact in this lifetime on assisting others. Thanks for your post Dena. I look forward to getting to know you! Best, Lisa
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Hi Lisa,
Love it! To be a “student of myself” is forever empowering! That is 100% the path that we all should take. Thanks for your thoughts. I look forward to hearing more from you!


Deirdre Rutherford

Hi Dena,
Thanks you for sharing that list of great questions to ask ourselves. This is definately something that I need to work on, is finding the time to be on my own to sit and reflect and tune out to the rest of the world.
I know that the benefits of this simple task are huge, we just have to prioritise “me ” time as part of our weekly schedule.
Deirdre Rutherford would like you to read 7 Core Traits Of A Successful EntrepreneurMy Profile



Scheduling “me” time challenges all of us. I look at it as important as paying yourself first from a financial perspective. The benefits of the “me” time grow and give us a broader range of positive options to experience the life that we want for ourself and loved ones. Enjoy you…


Douglas Richardson

Hi Dena, great post! We need to understand ourselves before we can understand where we our going and how we want to get there, and yes what will we do when arrive! Great questions to ask yourself! DR



Thanks Doug,
To be self assured of our forward direction is powerful. Isn’t it great to know that we have the ability to be in the drivers seat? Glad that you enjoyed this post…



Hey Dena-Lynn,
This is very true. So many people are running around lost because they have been defined by the outside influences of our society…without ever taking the time to come to truly understand who they really are. Great post!
Cartoon Coach



Thanks, Jeremiah! Yes, it’s so liberating to discover and act from our true selves – that gives us unstoppable power. Thanks for stopping by…


WaDell Jones

Great post Dena, its funny how ask other people questions to get to know them better when we can do same to ourselves. Thanks for the exercise.
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I agree, WaDell! And, when we do really know ourselves, then we’re in the best position to discern what will satisfy our life goals and who we’ll surround ourselves with along the journey. Glad that you enjoyed the exercise 🙂


Justine Simard

Hi Dena,

I love your post! Isn’t it strange that we often seek external sources to understand ourselves? I totally agree when you say that we are our most worthy authority, and our best source of empowerment. And in the process, self-awareness, inspiration and courage are most powerful in reaching our greatest potential and achieving our most ambitious dreams!

Thank you for a truly empowering post!

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Coach Freddie

Hi Dana,
Great list of questions to ask ourselves. The two that stand out for me are: Why did I respond/react that way? and What do I dream about? Reflecting on all of these questions will help us define our mindset, vision, and focus.

Coach Freddie
Coach Freddie would like you to read Living The Law of Attraction- AttitudeMy Profile


Jennifer May

Hi Dena! How powerful is this? I truly am so honored I woke up to reading something so very empowering and crucial to our growing. You are absolutely right and this definitely allow us to delve into ourselves, ultimately empowering ourselves to reach higher levels in consciousness.

I loved how you laid out the questions and gave direction towards this exercise. I use frequently why did I respond or react that way? Which empowers me to release any limited beliefs…

Thanks for the awesome and beautiful post girl! 🙂
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Ryan Yokome

Hey Dena,

Great post! Self knowledge or awareness is the key for sure. The more we are aware of who we are, the more of an impact we can make in others lives.

One of the key one you talked about….Who are my closest friends 🙂
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Oliver Tausend

Hi Dena,

you’re driving a great point home when saying that this type of introspection is unselfish. Only selfish people might try to prevent you from doing so because they are afraid of losing you, their influence on you. That is selfish.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care

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Elizabeth Snyder


It is true that when I haven’t had enough quiet time alone to reflect, my time with others, particularly my children, is dampened. So as Oliver mentioned, taking this time is anything but selfish. It’s amazing to reflect on how much of my life was spent believing otherwise.

Thanks for this wonderful post, and have a fantastic weekend.

Elizabeth Snyder would like you to read How EFT Found Me!My Profile


Susan Goodknight

Hi Dena,

Thanks for such a great post here. You have given a great list of empowering questions to ask. I know that I’ll write down things I’m thankful for, things that I like about “me”. When we love ourselves we can better help and love others. When we have this self empowerment we’ll be in a position to better help others.

Great post and thanks for sharing! I’ll be passing it along.

Too your Success,
Susan Goodknight would like you to read It’s Not the Destination- It’s the JourneyMy Profile


Delicia Jenkins

Dena what a great post you have here. How many of us can really and truly say that we know exactly WHO we really are? As a school aged child we were told to ask questions if we didn’t know the answer no matter how silly we felt about asking it. As an even younger child we automatically asked “why” “when” “what” and “where” about everything, mainly due to our curiosities. What happens to us as we become adults that this isn’t such a priority anymore? Great content Dena!
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Arlan Murata

Hi Dena: Thanks for the enlightenment to reflection on what empowers us. You speak to us with such wisdom, Thx


Perry A Davis Jr

Dena, this really stood out in your post: “When you know yourself you are then most empowered to give the authentic you in service to others.” I believe it is important that we be authentic, and unless we know our-self, it is very easy to become a cookie cutter marketer. Thanks for your question, have printed them an will be using them in my daily journal.

Perry A Davis Jr
Music City USA
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Dan Johnson

Thanks for such an enlightening post and great questions to ask ourselves. Seems all our lives we are told who we should be or who we should act like and you are right. We should look inside ourselves and see who we really are.

Great post


Christine Casey

Hi Dena, Excellent post! Bottom line is that until we really know ourselves, we don’t really understand how much personal power we really have within us. I have spent the last year making a conscience effort to get to know myself better…not necessarily an easy process, yet something that I know has helped me to grow as a person and be able to accomplish things that otherwise, I would not have. 🙂 Christine
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Willena Flewelling

There’s nothing more empowering than being able to turn the light on our fears. When we see them for what they ARE, and not merely what we perceive them to be, then we can rout them out and deal with them.


Erin Smith

Hey Dena,

That was a very powerful post. I like how you pointed out that sometimes we take an outside source more seriously than our own opinion on some things. It’s kind of sad but true.

When I started in the network marketing industry I never realized how much personal growth there was to be had! I just thought it would be easy and sign some people up into my business because that’s what everyone else tells you when you start.

I love the network marketing world and how you are always constantly learning about you and other ways to make your business better.

~Erin Smith
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Donna Merrill

Dena, Once again you have written such a great post. You are really taking people out of their shells and bringing them out to be themSELVES! I agree that we have to know ourselves to be one to help others. I’ve been in business counseling for around 30 years. One of the secrets of my success is growth. As I grow, I have to dig into myself and make sure I am balanced because I am the tool. As we get into network marketing, we grow at a faster pace.
We do need to take time to go inward and practice the modalities you have been teaching us.
Thanks again,


Steve Borgman

Self awareness takes work. It’s more work for some than for others. But the more I take responsibility to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings, the more empowered I feel. Being/Doing. That’s the balanced equation. Some of us need to focus more on the being, some more on the doing. But together, they are a powerful force.


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