Take The Initiative To Establish Rapport on Social Media

by Dena-Lynn

in Entrepreneurship

Establish RapportHome based business entrepreneurs have found the value of increasing their network via social media. And why not, with about a billion Facebook users, the number of potential relationships seem to be endless. 

That’s all good, but if you don’t know how to quickly establish rapport, what’s the point? With easy access to hubs where people who you’d like to meet would gather, such as groups and fanpages, it’s not only important to be there – it’s important to make connections, and do that properly. 

Establish rapport by making a proper friend request… 

Watch this video where I show you exactly how I recommend making a friend request so that you can quickly open the door to a mutually beneficial relationship.

See how simple that was? Now I want to point out, although I’m demonstrating Facebook only here – you should do this on the other social media networks as well. 

Now go out there and establish rapport, you’ve got a billion people waiting to meet you 🙂

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Donna Merrill

Hi Dena-Lynn

What a great way to illustrate how important it is to build relationships. Over the time I’ve spend online, I found relationship building is the strongest thing we can do. The benefits are helping us learn form one another, masterminding, Syndicating one another, but most importantly it builds trust.

If one of my trusted friends on the social networks is launching something, I give him or her all the support I can and vica versa. Also when I meet someone that is interested in a certain business I am not part of, I can immediately give them one of my friends’ to talk to.

Great post!



Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by! You’re so right on about how to build relationships, it’s fundamental, truly. It all starts with mutual engagement, taking a sincere interest, and helping where there’s a need. There are always ways to be helpful.

As always, I appreciate your insight and love to see you!

Dena 🙂


Beth Hewitt

Hey Dena-Lynn,

This is exactly what I teach people to do. Genuinely find out about a person and tell them why you value their friendship. I sometimes also add a link to a video that tells them a little bit more about me and wait for them to get back in touch.

I really like to have some kind of qualified relationship with my friends and that is why it can often take a while to accept people.

Thanks for sharing,

Beth 🙂
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Hi Beth, I can attest that you practice what you preach. I remember meeting you through Facebook – I loved the way that you immediately set out to build rapport. I appreciate you! Thanks for giving me a visit. <3

Dena 🙂


Ty Knighten

Thank you so much for this information. I came across your blog while looking for new blogs to read on Networked Blogs. I love the information that you give and I will be putting into action what I have read. Thanks again and I have decided to follow you, as well.
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Hi Ty, thanks for visiting me 🙂 I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed what you read and you’re ready to action, it’s the action takers that reap the most rewards! Now I’m going over there to visit you, looking forward to reading about your feature… Congratulations!!

Dena 🙂



Hey Dena-Lynn,
Very nice post. I loved the video and how you showed how to make a friend on Fb! AAA++++! You really explained how important it is to have making friend “manners”. I really want people to fet to know me and I them when I connect. I really dislike it when someone “drops” a vacant message to me. The way you explained it is the right way. So thank you for sharing … What did you use to get that lovely introduction to your video?
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Thanks Lesly. I feel the same as you – manners are an important part of social media. As far as my intro – I found a guy on Fiverr to do it. He does great work 🙂


Lydia Brown
Twitter: lydiajbrown

I am so thrilled that the internet as opended up doors for many including the elderly to work from home. Depending on a job and government is a thing of the past however years ago only the rich could pursue new opportunities now everyone can if he/she chooses. Relationship building on the internet has helped newbies get through the learning curve of this journey. I thik if I hadn’t learned the importance of relationship building I would not have grown my business as fast as it has. Another great post Dean
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