10 Affirmations to Overcome Fear

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  Overcome fear and the world is your oyster. Can you imagine that? How would your life change if you lived fearlessly? If you’ve “passed” on opportunities that would expand your life’s possibilities because of fear then you know that fear prevents you from taking risks, living the life of your dreams, or completely embracing […]

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Your Life by Design with the Power of Intention

Power of Intention

It’s true that you can create your reality using the power of intention. You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought of trying it out – but somehow it’s just not clear to you. No worries, after you’ve finished reading this post it’ll be a lot clearer AND you’ll be set to put the power of intention […]

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World Economic News the Money Challenge and You

World Economic News

  When socializing, don’t talk about religion, politics, and the money challenge – always inherent in world economic news??   I don’t know about you, but this was an important social taboo that I was taught to respect. These topics are reserved for family and close friends – only. The premise is that because of […]

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Empower Yourself And Achieve

Warrior Woman

I previously shared with you how important self-knowledge is to your empowerment. Knowing who you are, your purpose or your why, and what you want to achieve is vital. But, what do you do if you’re experiencing a wrenching feeling that what you want to achieve is impossible? You’d be surprised at how many people […]

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The Story of the Butterfly and You

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I want to share one of my favorite and simple empowering stories – the kind that I call an oldie but goody. The Story of the Butterfly. Perhaps you know it? This story was related to me many years ago and even though I knew it when I recently came across it – it still […]

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