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How to Have Empowering Thoughts

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Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in negative thought patterns and expecting the worst possible outcome in every situation?  It’s a common mind-set that sometimes is difficult to change when you finally decide you’ve had enough.  Unfortunately, negative thoughts tend to breed and multiply on their own – even when you’re not consciously trying […]

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Score Big With Your Winning Attitude

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If you have a winning attitude, you’ll always feel successful and accomplished. You are what you think you are; therefore, if you want to be a winner then you have to learn how to think about winning. The positive energy that dominates you will affect your entire life. If you exude positive energy, you’ll attract […]

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Entrepreneur Success Stories And Struggle

Entrepreneur Success Stories

Entrepreneur success stories often include a story about their struggle to overcome some obstacle or challenge. Interestingly, that challenge may have been the inspiration behind their great success.  I recently read an article in Entrepreneur Magazine where Richard Branson shares his struggle with dyslexia. As he put it, when he left school at 16, he […]

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Spotlight on The Elements of Success

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“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”~ Zig Ziglar on The Elements of Success. Winners know the feeling. It’s been described as a tremendous euphoric high, along with an undeniable knowing that the right to be on top is well […]

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