Stress: Experience The Difference In 5 Steps

by Dena-Lynn

in Empowerment

Do you understand why stress is vital to your well being? The body is dependent on stress to continually adjust and adapt. You see, stress is nothing more than a physiological or behavioral response to internal and external pressure or tension – or simply to an event that we perceive. We take a breath, for example, because of the internal pressure created from a decreasing supply of oxygen. We act because of the tension created from frustration and desire. We become excited as we anticipate a joyful event. So then, why all the fuss about stress?

serene womanWell, what most people don’t realize is that not all stress is created equal. Commonly, when we think of stress we think of the bad stress – the kind that leads to all kinds of unwanted health problems and illnesses. This kind of stress is known as distress, which occurs as we resist or are unable to handle or cope with everyday or extraordinary life pressures. The kind of stress that is rarely spoken of and differentiated is known as eustress, translated to mean – good stress. Yes – stress can be good – and we absolutely need eustress in our lives because it’s associated with an overall positive well being. But, here’s the thing… the body does not automatically differentiate between the two types of stress, that part is up to you. Huh??

  • Consider the pressure that you often feel to attend that online meeting, on time, while you still have to prepare dinner and arrange to keep the kids busy and quiet while you attend to your online meeting…. distress or eustress?
  • Remember the time that you felt so frustrated because you just couldn’t get that WordPress plugin configured to work on your blog the way it should…. distress or eustress?
  • Think back to when your well laid plans fell through… distress or eustress?

In each of these examples the determinant of the type of stress is ultimately the result of your perception of the pressure, frustration, and event. Your thought – your powerful mind – is what will instruct your body how to react. In each instance, the body’s perception of alarm is, perhaps, unavoidable at first. But you can, if you want, control what comes next. Decide to experience eustress, the kind of stress that you want.

1. Recognize that, ultimately, your control does not extend beyond your own thoughts, actions, and reactions. Choose to master control over yourself.

2. Acknowledge that opportunities exist in every occurrence. Choose to discover and take action on opportunities to further your goals.

3. Believe that you are not alone. Choose to reach out to others for help.

4. Develop flexibility of mind and behavior. Choose to positively adapt to change.

5. Adopt a positive worldview. Choose to be optimistic.

Indeed, if you use these techniques, you’ll experience stress. Eustress. You will become more productive, you will feel joy, gratitude, and relaxation as you improve your self-satisfaction and overall physical wellness. And, you’ll remove the stumbling blocks that prevent you from living well through your personal power.

To Your Wellness,

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Don Enck

Hi Dena,
I never thought to look for good stress in my life. I mean , it makes sense and all but I always think of the distress I’m feeling at the time. Face it, it’s the one most obvious by the pit in my stomach or the knot in my neck. On the other hand, I do acknowledge and practice often the 5 key points you mentioned. And, I find that when I do life is SO much better.

I enjoyed your post and your blog looks great. I look forward to more great things in the future.
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Thanks Don,

Those 5 key points enable me to turn the table on distress – I decide to make it eustress by the way I respond. I’m glad that you do the same 🙂


belinda cunningham

Hi Dena-Lynn, good post I have not really thought of good stress before. I like that positive aspect to stress. They do say that it is not the situation that is the problem it is how you react to it, so I suppose you can think the same about stress. Look forward to reading more on yur blog. Belinda
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Hi Linda,

Yes, thinking of good stress can often be an exercise in gratitude. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for being in a position where we are able to experience the types of challenges that we face. I’m pleased that you enjoyed this post!


Chris McCargar

Hey Dena,

This is an EXCELLENT, informative post on stress. You’ve given us a pretty good idea about the daily stresses that affect us all…. it’s been a good read!

There are present situations in my life which call for stress management and I use many of the devices you suggest. I wish that I had been more aware and had some of these coping mechanisms in priority file to use when required in order to get past the issues.

Thanks for sharing these great tools!
Chris McCargar would like you to read Making Time For ExerciseMy Profile



I also wish I had been more aware of these strategies early on. When I learned to change my beliefs, I felt so much more at ease while dealing with the day to day annoyances and major challenges that came up every now and then. I changed and it made all the difference in the world to me. Glad that I could share this with you and I’m glad that you enjoyed this post 🙂


Deirdre Rutherford

Hi Dena,
Great strategies that you have offered here to deal with any situation.
Ultimately we decide how we respond to any given circumstance, self awareness certainly helps with this.
The great thing is that, this is a technique that anyone can use and benefit from, it is just a matter of changing our ingrained patterns of behaviour, (I am not saying that this is easy) but it is possible.
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Hi Deirdre,
Experiencing eustress is open to all and you’re so right, it takes continued effort to change – it’s not automatic. Awareness, desire, and belief are key first steps. Thanks for emphasizing this important factor 🙂


Tyson Schmidt

Hey Dena-Lynn,

Great points, I never realized just how much stress is good in my life. To often I excell because of the little amount of stress when I’m forced to stand in front of a group or sudden changes in plans.
Tyson Schmidt would like you to read Are you truly living Well, my friend Dena- Lynn does and with MSMy Profile


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