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by Dena-Lynn

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“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”~ Zig Ziglar on The Elements of Success.

Winners know the feeling. It’s been described as a tremendous euphoric high, along with an undeniable knowing that the right to be on top is well deserved. The feeling of success is a keen sensory and emotional experience.

Sweet. Addictive. Success doesn’t just come to you – rather, it’s earned through a meticulous and organized process that everyone who decides to meet success must endure.

Let’s examine the elements of success


planning, preparation and expecting.



The Elements of Success

Are you ready to implement the activities within the elements of success

that achieving your goals require – with precision?

1) Planning

Among all of the elements of success, planning is the most important. You won’t get where you want to go – from point a, b, c… towards your destination – unless you have a plan. See this step as having a map, a navigation guide – that you create. In a word – this is your VISION.

First, know where you want to go. Yes, I know that seems obvious – but knowing is much more than stating it from a purely thinking/rational standpoint. You must engage all of your senses for this one – how/what will you feel, smell, taste when you’re there, who/what will you see (are others there too?), what will you hear (cheers, phones ringing, waves crashing on the rocks?) By bringing this future experience into the present, can’t you get excited about getting started NOW?

Next, you want to write down your action steps in their carefully considered and precise order of priority. For this part, it’s important that you create a schedule of activities as well as their anticipated completion date – a timetable.

Planning gives you clarity, it crystallizes in body and in mind what you need to do to get where you want to go. Can you see why this is the first and most vital of the elements of success?

2) Preparing

On its face, preparing might seem to be the same as planning. But, you need to take this step separately – preparing supports the plan that you’ve developed. It provides the resources that you’ll need to carry out your plan. Without accessible resources you’re likely not going to see success in achieving your plan. You wouldn’t expect to successfully drive your car across the country without enough gas to get there – would you?

What is needed to carry out your plan – how are you going to receive your resources? A few global examples of resources included in the elements of success are: training/education, mentorship/coaching, tools, mindset. If these aren’t in place, now is the time to take action and acquire them.

Check your environment – do you have the necessary support of your family and significant others? Check in on this if any part of your plan, specifically your activities while completing your plan, will impact them – think about your day to day and of your responsibilities. Now is the time to make adjustments and/or have that conversation. Doing this now will spare you tons of damaging anxiety and overwhelm.

Achieving success isn’t a given, it requires more than a wish. Go deep and prepare for it.

When you think – all systems go

be unhindered and ready to run!

3) Expecting

Finally, in the list of the elements of success, your outlook towards success will undoubtedly determine whether or not you’ll ultimately be successful. If you doubt that you will succeed, your best efforts will be undermined. You get what you think about – positive or negative. Somehow, your mind doesn’t determine which category your thoughts fall into – just know that your thought propels you into its correlated action. And, it’s circular, thought -> action -> thought…

If your thought is that you expect to achieve success, and you have a plan, and have prepared for your success – your actions will be consistent with achieving success.

State and absorb daily affirmations and incantations. Associate with positive people and those that support your plan. Above all else – BELIEVE that you are successful already and you’re on a continuous path to achieving more.

Now that you know how to engage in the elements of success, don’t you feel that the path to your success will be less complicated?

Although achieving success is not easy – it does not have to be overwhelming and hard if you do choose to engage in the actions involved in the elements of success.

Planning + Preparation + Expectation will always equal YOUR SUCCESS.


To Your Triumphant Success,


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