So You Wanna Be An Entrepreneur…

by Dena-Lynn

in Entrepreneurship

Now what do you do? Or, perhaps, you’re considering entrepreneurship and you’re wondering IF you’ve got what it takes.

YesWell, let’s back up a minute and think about what an entrepreneur really is – focusing on the mindset of an entrepreneur – because, your mindset is the source of your Power.

Some of the familiar characteristics of an entrepreneur

Goal Oriented




Risk Taking Innovative

Wouldn’t it be motivating to know that you had those qualities all along?

My granddaughter, Kelis, recently spent the WHOLE weekend with me. She’s 11 months old now and it’s her mission to find out about everything within her field of view. And, yes, the weekend was pure exhaustive pleasure for me AND I also gained some valuable insight.

What does that have to do with entrepreneurship? Stick with me for a quick minute while I fill you in…

So – Kelis isn’t walking yet but she does a real fast crawl – I’d say her acceleration rate seems to equal that of your standard BMW. It seemed to happen overnight. Just a few weeks ago she was satisfied with being carried around by Grammie while I pointed things out to her.

Now – her GOAL is to get down on the floor whenever and as often as she can – and she makes sure that I’m following her lead as she’s heading straight for the nearest shiny object.

Game On – the side table in the living room – you know the one that holds the family pictures in the flashy picture frames. I distract her and attempt to get her interested in playing with one of her toys – not happening. She keeps eyeing those pictures – forget the toys; my angel is PERSISTENT… as soon as I turn my head to grab another toy that might interest her, she takes off…

CONFIDENT that she will make it to those pictures again before I lead her in another direction. She’s laughing at me now – as she decides to switch it up a bit as she takes a detour underneath the dining room table, around the leg, emerging from the other side.

I imagine she thinks that I can’t catch her now as she RISKS forging straight ahead back in the direction of those pictures. I’m thinking, “When did babies become so smart?” as I consider her planned attempt to outsmart me.

Resolution – Grammie’s arms. Kelis is a little worn now so she seems to be willing to sit on my lap and sing with me – one of my favorite things to do with her 🙂 . Soon she begins to doze and I hold her as I watch her sleep.

As I stare down at my angel, I’m going over the little game that she created. I’m thinking about how willful she is – she already has a mind of her own. She wants to do her own thing – she’s displaying signs of a NON-CONFORMING nature and is creating INNOVATIVE ways to carry out her plan.

I vow to encourage those characteristics that I saw… Too often, children lose them as they grow and mature. Many of us do – as we’re socialized into the institutions of our culture.

It’s In Your Nature…

While the characteristics that make up the mindset of an entrepreneur may not be as evident in our adulthood – Know that they are there. They’ve always been. I suspect that we all challenged our caregivers – sometimes to the point of exhaustion. If you can – just ask :lol:. The important thing to know is that these characteristic traits are still accessible to you – and can be activated again according to your will as you tap into your Personal Power through your activities in personal development.

What do you do now? Start learning the skills that will sustain your entrepreneurial journey. Mindset + Skills + Action = Success. Can you see the potential of working through the equation? Repeatedly!!

To Your Success,

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Linda G. Cox

This is a delightful post to read! I love the way you were able to see the wonderful experience of learning the new skill of walking (or crawling) and realize how it applies to life! When we learn these new skills as network marketers, just like a child learns to walk, we need to realize our strengths and stay focused to succeed!
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Hi Linda,

Yes! We have so many strengths that we bring to the table. When we realize this we have the confidence to just fly forward and focus on the how and what of our goals. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post 🙂


Kevin Donaldson

Hi Dena-Lynn,
I enjoyed the insight you have shared, Thanks! Many people enter into home based businesses expecting to strike it big and fast…. The true is…. that the USE of knowledge is Power and all success Entrepreneurs have at least one thing in common…. Winners Never Quit!!!!



Kevin… Amen to that. Winners are powerful because they believe in themselves and – acquiring knowledge and skills is a Priority. And, they are as consistent as you are.
Thanks, Kevin, I appreciate your insight too!!



Aw so cute these kids are so advanced. It reminds me of my 1 year who always runs around the house touching and putting things in her mouth. They are so curious and that ia part of being a entrepreneur as well. Being a entrepreneur is starting just as your grand baby Dena and than going through learning stages such as adolesence hormonal changes and adapting to change to have the experience and knowledeg to now grow into a better person. Great great post. You look young to be a grandmother
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Jeremy Brown
Twitter: socialjeremy

A very refreshing take on entrepreneurship Dena.

I always find it amusing when people make it seem as though only a select few in life are lucky enough to become entrepreneurs. The one thing I’ve always stressed is that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur, but it’s all in the mind set.

We are all born with the characteristics that make up entrepreneurs, but sometimes those characteristics lay dormant until a person decides to access them and embark on the journey.

Your post just proved that we are all born with it. Now the question looms: are you willing to let those characteristics shine or are you going to let it sit in darkness?
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I absolutely love the perspective you have taken, talking about your daughter qualities and how it relates to entrepreneurship. Never seen anything like it before, and I read a lot.

A lot of people consider knowledge to be an up (parents in this case) down (children) process. Here it was down up, very cool



Thanks, Elizabeth! Learning, to me, is a life long process. There’s so many opportunities to gain new perspectives, to clarify old perspectives, and to acquire a deeper understanding if we remain open to the idea that we can learn something from each event, person (young or old), and experience. I especially have been enjoying watching my granddaughter’s developmental process – lots of nuggets about life to reflect on 🙂



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