Score Big With Your Winning Attitude

by Dena-Lynn

in Empowerment

Winning AttitudeIf you have a winning attitude, you’ll always feel successful and accomplished. You are what you think you are; therefore, if you want to be a winner then you have to learn how to think about winning. The positive energy that dominates you will affect your entire life. If you exude positive energy, you’ll attract more positive into your life. If you think about winning, then you will get a better chance at achieving the things that you want to achieve, no matter what hurdles would come in your way.

Here are some techniques on how to develop a winning attitude. With these simple strategies, you can achieve success much more easily.

1.  Believe in yourself. The most important thing you need to do is to believe in yourself. Before you can sell yourself to someone and push yourself to achieve greater things, you first have to believe in your own capabilities. Do not underestimate yourself; do not be afraid to take risks. You are the controller of your life and you should know your strengths. Use this strength to be able to overcome things, even those that are beyond your own expectations. If you believe in yourself, you will be able to achieve great things.

2.  Aim high. Aiming high is important because if you aim too low, that is it, you may not get higher than that. They say, that if you aim for the sky, when you fall, you fall on the roof. However, if you aim for the roof and you fall, you fall to the ground. People fall and fail, but this should not stop you from wanting greater things for yourself. If you have a winning attitude, you will not be afraid to reach higher.

3.  Challenge yourself. It is a healthy practice. When you set goals, you become in competition with yourself and this is a healthy way of working towards success. When you challenge yourself, you push yourself to your limits and a lot of good things could happen along the way. A winner wants to win. A winner wants to taste success and will stop at nothing until he achieves his goals. You should not be afraid to face the challenges in your life, especially if these will make you a better person.

4.  Love yourself. Loving one’s self is also an important element of a winning attitude. When you love yourself you will aspire great things for yourself and you will not settle for anything less. You deserve to be at the top. You deserve to be at the acme of your dreams and if you realize how important it is to learn how to appreciate yourself entirely, you will begin to embrace success like never before.

Those with a winning attitude aim to excel.

They may take on tough journeys to get there but they will get there in any way they can. According to Denis Waitlley, a renowned author and speaker on high performance human achievement…

“the winner’s edge is not in a gifted birth, a high IQ, or in talent. The winner’s edge is all in the attitude, not aptitude. Attitude is the criterion for success.”


Your winning attitude is your first step towards success. It’s not about the latest tools, systems, and trainings that you’ve acquired. Those things may make you feel prepared, but the reality is that a winning attitude cannot be bought, it comes from within and  it is the most important “thing” for you to possess in order for you to truly move forward in your business and in your life.

What’s next? This is too of an important step for you to miss; the time is now for you to develop your winning attitude, by any means necessary. By using these strategies, you’ll be well on your way. And, as always, I’m here to support you – reach out and contact me here.

To Your Triumphant Success,


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Chris McCargar

Desire, Goal-setting, Positive Self-Talk, Belief in Your abilities… are all elements to achieving success – but I particularly love Your attitude of being a Warrior. I believe if we can develop that trait, it’ll see us through the toughest times.

Great Post, Dena-Lynn !



Thanks Chris! I can definitely attest to how having a Warrior attitude is not only sustaining, it’s also the spirit that continues to propel us forward towards whatever we value. I believe that there’s a Warrior Within all of us, the trick is to concentrate that spirit on all that will lift us higher.

Love hearing from you Chris, hope all is well 🙂


Lesly Federici

Hi Dena-Lynn,

This is all part of attraction marketing too… if you have a winning attitude. Creating new habits is so important and that in itself is challenging for sure, right? One thing I do is listen to positive people, read books about people who have overcome obstacles, and monitor my self-talk. Your tips are wonderful and your blog is really positive 🙂 Look forward to reading more of your posts!
Lesly Federici would like you to read Record Your Social ProofMy Profile



Thanks Lesly! I agree, creating new habits are definitely challenging and worth every ounce of the struggle. 🙂


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