Persistence: The Make or Break of Entrepreneurship

by Dena-Lynn

in Entrepreneurship

How many times, in your entrepreneurship efforts, have you given something up because you came across an obstacle that seemed impossible? I can bet for many of us, it’s more than we care to recall.

PersistenceIt’s easy to go into a venture because it seems so promising at first, but the moment you don’t make money in the first month, and things look like they’ve completely slowed down in the second, do you ditch it and look for something else that, again, looks really promising?

I can tell you for certain that that’s not how the light bulb came about; it’s not how we got airplanes in the sky. I’m sure you’ve seen clips of the Wright brothers taking off in some crazy looking contraption with wings and then crashing a few yards later. But they kept at it because they believed they could if they tried hard enough. And, if they figured out how to get pieces of metal in the sky to fly – doesn’t it seem likely and much easier to grasp that you can succeed in your business?

As an entrepreneur, that’s what persistence is all about. It’s knowing that you can do it. We are in fact lucky, because others have engaged in most of the entrepreneurial ventures that are available to us – very successfully. That means that all you need to do is look for what is going wrong, what you are not doing right and work at it until it starts to take shape. If someone else does it successfully, so can you – believe and persist.

Too often people jump from business venture to business venture trying to find what will work best. I can tell you that what you are working on now will work out if you persist. Persistence comes from passion, and if you want to set the environment for your persistence, make sure that you’re doing something that you’re passionate about.

In my analysis, many people will give up on ventures because they’re trying to do things that they don’t enjoy doing. The spirit is not invested, so any obstacle that comes along is a good chance for to quit.  Some people call it fear – I say that quitting is a result of a lack of passion. Think about it, when you really wanted something – didn’t you figure out how to make it work?

It’s not easy to find your passion; all of us are trying every day. But passion is that thing which makes you know that you won’t give up your entrepreneurial venture, no matter what. You will find answers. It’s what keeps you up at night trying to unravel why what you tried today didn’t work and what did work to build on that.

Persistence is what separates those who fail from those who succeed. You’ve heard of people from extremely grim backgrounds who eventually worked their way to the place they wanted to be. It’s not because they had any special talents that you think you don’t have – it’s because they didn’t give up. Each time something didn’t work out, they invested in themselves – learning why it didn’t work out and then how they could fix things so that they could get better results. It’s not easy to do, but it’s the only way to get the results that you want.

Let me give you a shocking statistic. Did you know that only 1 out of ten new business ventures succeed? And, of all of those that do succeed, the entrepreneurs say that it’s because they stuck with it and found answers.

I call it “stick-to-it-iveness”. If you stick to something and keep trying long enough, you will find that you start to get answers and results for what once seemed impossible.

To Your Success & Persistent Stick-to-it-iveness,

P.S. My determination to persist in my business ventures and in life in general has been pivotal to experiencing little successes as well as major life transformations. Please leave a comment to share how important your persistence has been for you.

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Don Enck


I find it interesting that so many people have the habit of just sticking their toe in the water. They stick their toe in to see how the water feels but never really committing to plunging in and feeling the rush of exhilaration form the cold water. “Hmm…it doesn’t feel right…I haven’t made any money…it’s too hard…” and on and on.

Winston Churchill once said…”Never give up”. That kind of sums it up. That and don’t quit before payday. You never know just how close you were.

Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic.



Thanks, Don. I agree and sadly they’ll find that they same “issues” will follow them when they move on to something else. I say – hang around and work on the source and success will follow 🙂


Tricia Karp


Great stuff! I love your term “stick-to-it-iveness.” And it’s great to remember that if others have done it, it’s not impossible.

I’m one of those “had to have it done yesterday” people who gets easily frustrated, but I’m also extremely persistent when I’m working at something that feels true. And I very much appreciate a reminder about the value of persistence, every now and then.

So, thank you! 🙂
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That’s the key, Trish – acknowledging the frustration, working through it, and continuing to move forward in what we’re passionate about. Thanks for bringing out this important point 🙂


Karla Setchel

Hey Dena,

I have mixed feelings about this topic. I do believe that some companies are better and more profitable to work for and if you got in one that doesn’t pay you well before you learned what to look for in a “great” company and then you find the “great” one later, you should switch — just like if you were in the job market working hard for minimum wage and you had the opportunity to double, triple — greatly increase your income by taking another job that was doing the same amount of work you would take the better job, right? On the other hand, being a business owner does take work and persistence and many people just give up too soon. So my advice is to research several business and learn what the strengths and weaknesses are before you get involved, then give it your all! 🙂
Karla Setchel



Great advice, Karla! The importance of research prior to engaging in any business cannot be stressed enough – as well as taking the time to acquire a strong sense of self-knowledge so that whatever you do is aligned with your passions, values, and goals. After that – expect to be challenged while you build your business – persistently staying true to self and dreams. Thanks for adding such an important caveat to the message 🙂



God I like your style and how you think Dena-Lynn!

I often forget to come back here but every time I do I find your great posts, I won’t forget anymore, I promise!

I have to admit that for some years, when I began my online journey, I was guilty of going from one venture to another. I lost some confidence, money and willpower when doing it. I learned that there when you give up, you are 100% sure not to succeed and when you stick to something, you are 100% sure to succeed one day or another. It may take more time that you would like to, but again, one day you’ll reach your goal and often, like you just said, you’ll have little victories to keep you going in the right direction.

We must learn to be relentless, each failure is a step closer to your next success!
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Thanks, Guillaume. You are so right when you say that we must learn to be relentless – I’ve done that because I know that persistence is the only way to succeed at anything worthwhile. Thank you – I’m so glad to see you again 🙂


Val Wilcox

You have certainly hit the nail on the head with this one! So many are looking for a get-rich-quick solution to their money woes, without giving a thought about actually doing the work. There was a mis-conception that the internet was a cash cow, just hop on board & you’ll get rich! LOL This is no different than any other business, it takes dedication, belief and tons of persistence to see this through.

Here’s to sticking to it!
Val 😉
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Oh, Val, so sad and very true how so many believed in the get-rich-quick fantasy. And, once those who did hop on board realized that it wasn’t easy – if they stuck with their business, engaging in better strategies and worked hard at those – they would’ve eventually realized the success they were seeking. Thank you for adding this important perspective 🙂


Mary Lou Kayser

Hi Dena,
The thing that people who “hop” from one “shiny new object” to the next often overlook is that the common denominator in all their new ventures is guess who: themselves! If they can’t make Opp #1 work, they won’t make Opp #2 work either because they haven’t developed the core competencies necessary for success. Nothing of value is built overnight, yet the proliferation of “opportunities” that suggest otherwise abound all over the Internet.

Thankfully, there are leaders like you who share the truth about what it takes to succeed in our chosen ventures! Persistence is definitely at the top of the list.

Mary Lou
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Deirdre Rutherford

Hi Dena,
Passion as you say is such an important element to whether one does remain persistent in any endeavour. That is why it is so important to find something that you resonate with.
Stick-a-bility is so much easier when you love what you do.
Thanks for sharing!
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Kellie Hosaka

Aloha Dena,

I agree with you 100% and I just did a blog post with a very similar topic. Persistence and consistency are so crucial to success. Expanding and growing is the key to success, however without persistence we will never reach the point of expansion.

Thank you for your wonderful post which lays out the ideas of persistence very well.

Much aloha,
Kellie 🙂
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Hi Dena

Without doubt, persistence is a vital key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I also agree with what others have said about people going online and expecting that it will be so much easier and quicker to build an online business than an offline business. In my own case, I really had no idea how much I would have to learn in terms of marketing and all the other new skills I would need to master, such as creating a blog, an opt-in box and gift, autoresponders and the list goes on and on!

I think the whole ‘online business building’ industry is only now starting to come to terms with the reality of what it takes to build a business online, helped by those of us who have been through it and are sharing our stories of what it really takes. Your post is a valuable addition to this ‘reality-based’ approach!

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Kareem Williams

This post is super awesome, you seem like a person that comes with the value 110% of the Time my Friend. This is my first time on your blog and I am honored that I found your blog. I will be back for more info because i see you packet it in. Check out my blog and get me your feedback.


Justin Picken


I thought my mother was the only one who said “stick-to-it-ive-ness>”

It’s important, when persisting, to remember that persistently striving harder or in a direction that is not the one you wish to go, is sometimes counter-productive. Sometimes, the solution is not to try harder or try longer, but to try differently until you find what works — then give it your all.

I think of the story Napolean Hill tells in Think and Grow Rich about the man who struck gold and kept digging and digging, even after the vein had dried up. He finally did give up and he sold the claim to a junk dealer with all of his mining equipment. The junk dealer didn’t just pick up and start digging where the other man had been unsuccessful, he hired expert surveyors who told him the vein was in a different place, just a few feet from where the other man had quit digging. The junk dealer took the advice of the surveyor, dug where he said, and made his fortune. The first man learned from this, never to take “NO” for an answer, and he later became one of the richest insurance salesman of his time.

One lesson to take from this is to persist in digging, because you never know how close you are to gold.

The other lesson is, even if you keep digging, you’re wasting your time digging holes all over the place, if you don’t know where the gold is. 🙂

Best of Life!


Angela K. Williams

Hi Dena-Lynn
I agree that persistence is a very important part of being successful. I also liked what you said about finding your passion. In the Oprah magazine this month it talked about finding your passion by thinking about the things that you get totally absorbed in. Those things are your passion. If you can find a way to make a living with your passion then you are very fortunate.
I tried to do something that I wasn’t that passionate about. I found that I really like combining my love of music and my knowledge about mental health issues. When I stick to what I love, I feel energized.
Thanks for reminding me to be persistent.
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Arlan Murata

Hi Dena: You’re right on. I never understood how a commercial RE Agent that I worked with made sales. He was unknowledgeable, had no concern for his prospect and clients, was arrogant, would sell his mother the devil if he made a commission, etc. The thing he did was call call call every day. He was the most persistent “B” that I experienced. As time wore on his knowledge and other characteristics changed for the good. I gave him credit for his belief and persistence.


Diane Cleak

Hello Deanna,

You are absolutely right that persistence is key. If we can take action each day, however small, we are working towards progress. This is a great blog and I will return often.
All best wishes,

Diane 🙂


Nancy Burke Barr, JD

Hi Dena,

I think that you are absolutely right. I have succeeded at many things and failed at many things and it seems like a good reason: I failed or succeeded based upon my level of passion for the particular project. Now, mind you, I do believe that we must sometimes stick with things that we are not passionate about and follow through no matter what.

Sticking with it, over and over and over! Gotta have a lot of passion for that!

Love this topic, Dena!

Mentor Mama
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Hey Dena,
Just revisiting some of your old posts. Persistence is definitely one of the characteristics that separates the winners from the whiners:) Thanks for sharing.

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Alain Theriault

To persist is important, but just as important is the ability to iterate, to evolve your idea. Consider your idea an intuition. Test, ask, be open to the feedback. The sweet spot is rarely exactly where you thought it would be when you started.

Then know your risks thresholds because persistence can save your business, knowing when to quit can save your life…


Radu Dascalul

Hi Dena,
Fantastic post:)So many good ideas to grasp here.
I think we all have that passion for a thing that is within us.It’s just a just a matter of choice if we acces it or not.Many people are so orientend to play it safe and give up to the joy of life,to this amazing adventure with good and bads.I think the Wright brothers only decided that their life will be different from others.And so they did.
It’s true when you want something so bad you will find ways.There is always a solution for those who search it. Also building a solid business online with all the hard work,study,lack of sleep sometimes is far greater than jumping from business to business or working for a paycheck all the life.
For me it’s not only a business!I am living a great adventure and a self discovery process.

Thanks for sharing this with us ,
Have a super day,
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Julieanne van Zyl

Hi Dena-Lynn, I like your new word for persistence “stick-to-it-iveness”. Sometimes I think it’s wise to give up on one thing and start on another. I’ve certainly given up on some things that weren’t working, and I’ve persisted on others. Sometimes I’ve persisted with things much longer than I should’ve, way longer than other people who realized it was time to finish.

Like you say, it depends on how passionate you are about something. Regards from Julieanne
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Andy Nathan

I think that is an awesome comment on how when you “If you stick to something and keep trying long enough, you will find that you start to get answers and results for what once seemed impossible.” That is amazing way to sum up the persistence needed to become a successful entrepreneur. It is also a great way of explaining why you need to be persistent.


Raena Lynn
Twitter: raenalynntweet1

Hi Dena-Lynn,

You did it again! This is another valuable article and the timing couldn’t be better. The message of stick-to-it-iv-ness is perfect. I know in my heart I can succeed as an entrepreneur and I’m very fortunate because I’m passionate about it. It is very easy to fall into the trap of getting into a rut because the results aren’t very good. It is a matter of trying, and tweaking, and sticking to the project. If the project isn’t developing, it’s time to leave it and move on. That is not the same as changing business ventures, but possibly a method that isn’t working. There are literally millions of solutions out there and as long as we persevere, we will be that 1 out of 10 company that succeeds.

Support in this business is critical. Finding a team to work with really helps to get through the “trying” times. We need to get the woowoo’s, great job!, hang in there etc.

Raena Lynn
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Failure is NOT an option. We will stay the course and continue to move forward, in all positive endeavors, even if we have to somewhat change course…


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