Network Marketing Mistakes That Hold You Up

by Dena-Lynn

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Network Marketing mistakes are more common than you realize – so if you’ve been making a few or even a lot, relax, you’re not alone. 

Marketing Mistakes

At the same time, with your suspicion that you’re probably making marketing mistakes because you haven’t been getting intended results – let’s take a minute to go over some fundamentals. The first place to start is to determine whether you’ve gone through your company getting started training and that which your upline has available for you. And, as important – are you applying what you learned.

As a freethinking, creative, entrepreneur it’s characteristic to look for new ways and systems – making it easier, better, more efficient, etc. – reinventing the wheel. Network marketing mistakes are often found in that space. As a fellow entrepreneur, I can relate. I love and respect innovation and creativity; and, I also value and appreciate those who are getting the type of results that I want. I found that the best and quickest way to achieve the type of outcome that I want is to model the behavior, systems, or whatever techniques responsible for successful outcomes. Hence, the company training and training created by your upline is a solid place to start. Trust that they know what works all the way down to the statistics of any given activity and they will often share first hand experience with marketing mistakes to avoid. 

Additional Network Marketing Mistakes to Consider 

In addition to not following and taking action on the activities of your training, take a look at some other factors and decide where you stand. 

1. Esprit de Corps

: the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group.

(Merriam Webster)

If you lack team spirit, how do you expect to succeed in this industry? The very core of network marketing is to network amongst your team while working cohesively towards the same vision. 

The likelihood of anyone making network marketing mistakes increases substantially when going solo. Network Marketing is the act of bringing together a group of people for a mutual benefit. It generally answers the question “How can I help?” rather than “What can you do for me?”! 

Having a team that you communicate with regularly helps you gain new and fresh ideas about the business and holds you accountable to staying plugged in with the daily activities that will get you closer to your goals. 

By communicating with your organization, you’re not only creating the opportunity to inspire your own team; you’re also developing meaningful and valuable relationships with them. 

To decrease network marketing mistakes in this area, conduct a weekly group meeting with your team and use this time to assess each other’s performance, provide feedback, give suggestions, and share insights in improving your group’s overall productivity. Additionally, be sure to make use of the Facebook groups function to stay connected on a regular basis to quickly communicate ideas, thoughts, and encouragement. 

2. Going Under Cover, Secret Squirrel Mode to Attract Prospects 

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of network marketers who exercise this technique to gain prospective leads. They may invite friends over for a seemingly weekend bonding, only to take them to an opportunity meeting without telling them so. What’s worse, their prospects show no interest at all for the business. This is one of the costlier network marketing mistakes. 

“Kidnapping” your potential partners is not the way to go. You are not just wasting their time, you are also wasting yours. Additionally, you just might lose your credibility as well as your friendship in the process. Invite prospects that are already aware of your intentions and have expressed interest beforehand. 

To avoid this common and deceptive practice, be very clear with your intentions and follow your company’s system to inviting your prospects to a meeting. 

3. Divided Attention 

Most people are switching from one company to another in hopes of landing that one business that will make them rich instantly. Instead of focusing on a single company, they chose to diversify and put all their resources to waste by diverting their attention multiple different ways. 

If you really want to avoid this network marketing mistake, I’d suggest focusing on one company that you firmly believe will be the gateway to your success, and give it 100% of your time, energy and effort. 

Most businesses take 2-3 years to build successfully, so make a time commitment to give it all you got during that time. If for any reason, you see that you’re giving 100% but changes or flaws in the company have altered your vision for reaching your goals, only then should you begin considering changing over to a new company, where you can be 100% focused again. 

Success requires F.O.C.U.S., which simply means Follow One Course Until Successful. If you know you’ve been jumping around without clear focus, then now’s the time to intentionally change this bad habit. 

4. Network Marketing Mistakes Are Frequent When You Don’t Grow 

Personal Development is the first step that you must invest in to accomplish success in building your mindset. Although you will be given tons of training, tools and mentors, your success relies in your ability to have the right mindset. 

Personal Development is a highly encouraged practice that is enforced on every individual who joins the industry. From the team meetings, to business presentations, you’ll find that Personal Development is the foundation for which nearly all Network Marketing companies are built. 

If you disregard and overlook this common practice, expect downfall to follow. Network marketing mistakes happen if you haven’t enforced personal development on yourself. And, this might be the reason why you’re not thriving on success. 

In order for you to move forward, you have to learn the key elements of personal development: mindset, technical knowledge, and leadership. Keep in mind, personal development is a continuous process. It doesn’t end in the four corners of schools and universities that you’ve attended. So spend a great deal of your time constantly feeding yourself with positive reinforcement and surround yourself with successful and motivated people. 

5. Allowing “No” and Negativity to Break You 

Do you know that our warm market can be our worst enemy? (This is an area where you’re most vulnerable to network marketing mistakes). Before we proceed to the cold market, it is common practice to share what we know and what we have with the people closest to us, which is generally family and old friends. 

Experiencing rejection directly from the very people whom we least expect can be very hard to accept. Not only does it kill the enthusiasm, the negative reaction can also create self-doubt—especially for beginners. 

You may not control what other people will tell you or how they will react, but you can control your response to it. Prepare for them by equipping yourself with optimistic viewpoints all the time, and educate yourself on the multiple ways to deal with rejection. 

Remember, no one can steal your dreams and enthusiasm from you unless you let them. 

So there you have it… my take on network marketing mistakes that will hold you up from realizing the success that you desire. If you have some thoughts of your own, please go ahead and share in the comments below and if you found this post valuable please share with your online and offline connections so they can avoid making these marketing mistakes too. 

To Your Triumphant Success,

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Leslie Denning

Hi Dena-Lynn. Great post! I have had the experience of being ‘kidnapped’. Actually, many years ago, out church had friendship dinners. They would put us in groups of 4 couples and we would all have dinner at another couple’s house each month. At the end of 4 months, they would put us in a different group. It was a wonderful way to really get to know people outside of the church setting.

We loved it until … one of the couples made an Amway presentation after dinner. No one was brave enough to say, “Hey, this is a social occasion,” so we all suffered through the presentation. Maybe they thought they were trying to help us – I don’t know. However, I never had had kind feelings toward Amway because of that experience.

Sharing a business is like sharing the Gospel. People are going to know if you are pretending to be a friend just so you can sell them something. Thanks for enumerating these mistakes so we can avoid them.

All the best,
Leslie Denning would like you to read Millionaire Mindset: I’ve Cleaned Up My ActMy Profile



Hi Leslie, it’s definitely uncomfortable to be placed in that kind of situation. Network Marketing is a business profession and if people who are involved in the profession do business in a shady, secret manner, naturally others will perceive it as such and not be open to hearing about the value that it offers. As in all things, honesty and authenticity should come first.

Thanks for sharing your experience, it definitely edifies why network marketers should not go undercover. 😉


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