Network Marketers: How To Pop The Question

by Dena-Lynn

in Marketing

Network Marketers, my friends and colleagues, THAT, is the question! Pop the question too soon – and you’ll appear to be a jerk… but wait too long and you’ll definitely miss out.

Network Marketers

You see, while you’re going about your business, doing your attraction marketing thing – giving tons of valuable information to benefit other network marketers – somebody else is going to score. Now, now, I can hear some of you thinking – “oh, there’s room enough in this universe for all of us to succeed, I’m just glad that I can give value to the industry.” My answer to that is yes – I agree 100% with you, prosperity is abundant.

Network marketers, I’m also going to add – if that’s your only purpose – the universe is going to give you exactly that. Let’s be real – are you in business for profit or have you decided to be an educational nonprofit entity for network marketers?

If it’s the former, it’s time for you to get busy and start setting yourself up so that you can seamlessly pop the question. I guarantee, if you don’t – someone else will, and, interestingly enough – your educatee will be primed and ready. If it’s the later, I honor you – my message is not for you.

The Best Network Marketers Are Comfortable With Inviting

Attraction marketing is only one part of the story. Of course, you always want to be attractive by offering relevant and valuable information. People will love you when you’re giving away free stuff that they want. You’re helping them become better network marketers and entrepreneurs – answering their questions, solving their problems, and teaching new strategies to help them grow. That makes you attractive and perceived as a knowledgeable contributor to the industry. A major element of influence.

But, let’s face it – attraction marketing can be pretty passive UNLESS you’re also engaging.

When it comes to most online network marketers, one sided conversations won’t cut it.

True network marketing is social; it’s all about networking, team work – mutual support and vision, fun!! And, dare I say, reaching out and inviting others to join you. 

network marketersWhy not? You’ve got something special going on… right? Inviting someone to take a look at something special is as natural as the day is long.

Reality check: most people are not going to simply raise their hand, or tap you on the shoulder and say – “whatever you’re doing – I want in!” Don’t believe me? Just ask your colleagues, who are also online network marketers, when and how often that happens for them

How Do Network Marketers Invite While Networking In Internet Land?

1. First and foremost, establish rapport and be approachable and friendly. Quick share, I once contacted someone who seemed to be very knowledgeable with a general blogging question and also with the intention of possibly getting to know her because she seemed to be someone who I’d want to join in a particular MLM. Her response to my question was, “how would I know?” That’s it – nothing further, she had no conversation – nada, zip. Not cool – don’t do that. If you’re taking the time to be attractive… be prepared, network marketers, to be contacted and embrace the opportunity to establish a relationshipeven if you don’t know the answer to a particular question.

2.  Lead with value and establish your credibility. In other words a conversation that begins with, “hey how ya’ doing, I want to recruit sharp network marketers like you, take a look at my opportunity,” is NOT the way to go. When you meet someone, on social media, in particular – show an interest in them. Get a dialogue going by asking questions about what interests them. Showing an interest in them and their needs is value – your credibility is established by demonstrating that you care to know. Top network marketers KNOW this!

3. Network Marketers, as established as you may be, don’t assume that everyone knows which network marketing business you’re building. While you’re contributing generic insights such as “how to recruit network marketers” or “how to get network marketing leads” through your blog posts and videos, your readers just may view you as someone they may want to join – you’d like that, right? But, if there’s no indication or obvious invitation that you’re interested in adding team mates – they’re going to absorb your value and move on. People are busy – they don’t have time to go on a search mission to discover what you’re up to. Newsflash: you’re not the only game in town – it’s not about you, it’s about them. Make an offer or invite! In internet marketing speak, that would be, give a Call To Action.

4. Take advantage of opportunities to have real-time conversations. Utilize your telephone, Skype, Google+. These tools are essential for network marketers. Take it offline into an environment where you can really connect one on one. How? It’s no mystery actually, just ask. Inviting people who you meet online, to chat over these traditional forms of communication is as natural as asking someone to meet you at a coffee shop to chat so that you both can get to know each other. Make them your warm market. Network marketers cannot be shy to make these invitations or too aloof to accept. You never know what mutually beneficial relationship may develop. 

5. Be confident and believe that you have something of value to offer. Interestingly enough, there are far too many network marketers that struggle with their belief in their company or opportunity or products. SO… they’re not inviting. Way too many. Here’s the thing – if the most compelling reason that you joined a particular network marketing company was for the bonuses and ethical bribes that you were offered by your recruiter – well, that gets old, quickly. How to choose a network marketing company is a lesson for another time. But for now, know this – if your company products and opportunity doesn’t get you excited and have value in and of itself, you’re going to struggle inviting others to take a look. Check in with your belief system because it speaks 1,000 words. I offer coaching for network marketers around that, contact me if you want to explore.

There you have it network marketers, now it’s time for you to pop the question with ease. Get these elements down and become an inviting machine – doing it with class! 

If you found value here, please share it with other network marketers in your circle so they can benefit too!

To Your Triumphant Success,


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Lydia Brown
Twitter: lydiajbrown

Dena this is a post many should read. You lay it out with such clarity. When they say timing is everything it is so true. I remember when I used to talk too much like a sales person then I went to waiting so long scared to say too much that I missed putting out my offer. Things got much better when I found balance.
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Thanks, Lydia. I agree, we have to be aware of timing and balance. It’s essential.


Gregory Bowen
Twitter: gregsmokeybowen

Hello Dena….I found this post right on the Money…( no pun intended)….I am pretty new to network Marketing and work with my coach regularly….I have learned all these things you wrote about ,but not as well put together and easy to follow as you have it here…nicely done!…..Smokey
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David Merrill 101

I’m not a network marketer, Dena, and am not involved in any company or opportunity.

But, as an internet marketer, I have to “pop the question” ALL the time. In my email follow ups for sure, but also in my squeeze pages that “invite” people to sign up to receive my offer on a specific topic. I’m inviting them to get onto my email list, and I’m inviting them to see how my “offer” can give them value.

Once they sign up for something, I redirect them to a sales page that immediately pops the question: would you please consider buying this product right now, since it’s relevant to your interests (based on the squeeze page offer you just requested)?

Integrated into my free products, are several invitations to buy or register for something else. And, of course, a certain percentage of my emails to them invite them to buy things or sign up for things. Even the “pure value” emails are always pre-selling subscribers to make them more receptive to an idea once I actually do pop the question in a subsequent message.

So, you’re right, Dena.

If you’re in business online, either promoting a company, or promoting your own products and services, you’ve got to get real comfortable with popping the question. And keep in mind, you’re doing it to help your subscribers… would you make a marriage proposal to someone just to make their life miserable, or do you intend to “have and to hold… love and to cherish”? Hopefully, the latter, whether you’re on a knee, or a google hangout.+
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David Merrill 101

I’m not a network marketer, Dena, but I’m popping the question all the time.

As an internet marketer I’m forever asking people to take action. Sign up for a free offer, subscribe to my newsletter, buy my product, ask me about my service, register for my webinar, etc.

Popping the question, in any case, is always about being authentic and caring about the other person. Then the question is welcomed rather than annoying and invasive.
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Chery Schmidt

Great Post Dena Lynn! I do agree with you if you are not passionate abut what you do you will never have the courage to ask for anything.. Been There Done That!! You have done a great job with this one.. Love It!! Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂
Chery Schmidt would like you to read Setting Up Your Business The Right Way The First TimeMy Profile


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