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Greetings and a Warm Welcome to My Blog!


My name is Dena Lynn and I am a Mom, Grammie, Author, MS Warrior – IM Consultant & Professionally Trained Life Coach, with an active commitment to purposeful and positive growth. I support others with their goals towards living well, personal empowerment, and entrepreneurship as a home based business entrepreneur. I especially love to inspire people who are living with a chronic illness or disability to become Empowered to eliminate stress and anxiety over their finances – to take control over how and where they spend their sometimes unpredictable days – and to enjoy the freedom and time to pursue and live in wellness. This is my personal passion – Living Well through Personal Empowerment and Entrepreneurship – because I intimately know the struggles and suffering and choices that one faces when living with a chronic illness – if they don’t have a plan and the know how to Live Well in spite of the cards that they’ve been dealt.

My goal is to help end the unnecessary suffering and struggling for home based business entrepreneurs and those who are considering joining the ranks… Inspiring the Warrior Within.

I’m on a mission to help frustrated home based business entrepreneurs get off the cycle of overwhelm and create clear solutions so they can start building their business like the Warrior they are – see profits faster, and TRIUMPH in business & in life.

Here on this blog you’ll get expert tips, strategies and solutions

for YOU to succeed in Your

Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing.

I want to share it all with you – right here –

so that you can be on a path to TRIUMPH!!

My Path…

I’m a New Yorker. As a child we moved around a lot throughout the boroughs of NYC – Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens – before we literally moved on up… all the way upstate to a home in the country. I spent much of my childhood having to learn to makeMe, Mom & Dad new friends quickly and adapt to distinctly different ways of life. I seemed to do so with ease although I admit to an annoyance over leaving the familiar. Of course, I didn’t know then how much those experiences would serve me later on…

I grew up as an only child until I was about 13 years old when my parents adopted my younger brother. Although I acknowledge that the research on birth order and its effect on personality is inconclusive – I get a kick out of how accurate it is when describing some aspects of my personality as an only child: trust their own opinion, ambitious, enterprising, energetic, set goals, good problem solvers. The downside is that I can be a perfectionist, I take on too much responsibility, and I do not like to be told what to do. That part got me into trouble – kind of –

Speed Bump…

Whoa - Speed BumpI didn’t do what they told me to do: go to college, begin a career, then marry and start a family. I did it MY way, marrying my childhood sweetheart at the age of 18, having a child at the age of 19 and planning to have several more… until the darkness. I hit a wall – literally – and had the foresight and strength to leave, the first time – and start over again to create a different and better life for my daughter and me. I took a secure job with great benefits and a decent salary. I took promotions and found opportunities to expand on my value to my employer and co-workers.

I guess that I should have been happy, but I wasn’t! I had this nagging feeling of inadequacy – like I should be doing more with my life because I am capable of more. So, I started taking courses in subjects that interested me – but still, something was wrong. I wasn’t feeling quite right.

I began to experience strange health symptoms that would go away just when I visited the doctor. I was told that perhaps it was depression or anxiety over being a single parent and having too much on my plate. Hmmm, I didn’t buy that one – I certainly wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by my lifestyle. In fact, if I were to describe my lifestyle I would say that I was extremely underwhelmed. Of course, that can be stressful in and of itself… but I knew that wasn’t it.


I wake up one morning and am seeing double. HA – off to the doctor before a miraculous healing occurs. He orders an MRI and right there – my life changes in an instant. I hear of the possibility of ME – an apparent healthy, fit, toned,Shocking Discovery active, athletic woman with a young child and dreams of a long life and active life to fulfill my dreams of traveling around the world, learning to surf, upcoming plans to skydive and bungee jump with friends, and to continue to read lots and lots of books well into the night as I’d always done, to continue to enjoy dancing until the wee hours of the morning until my feet hurt, to just continue to be me…. I thought I would even fall in love and marry again….

The doctor tells me that I possibly have a demyelinating disease – later, specifically identified and confirmed as Multiple Sclerosis.

Falling Off a Cliff…

Not literally, but it sure felt like it!!  Here I was, a single parent in my late 20s. WHAT was I going to do now and HOW could I do whatever it was I was going to do??? I read everything that I could about Multiple Sclerosis; I reached out to people in various stages of the disease. Looking back – I see that I did what I’ve always done best when finding myself in new territories – I made friends quickly and adapted to a distinctly different way of life. I rolled with it… and right into the path of an introduction to someone who set the stage for my immersion into something that would change my life to the core…

Excellence and Personal Empowerment

Empowerment Zone

It was the late 1980s on a perfect spring day, four friends drove into New York City – paid a ridiculous amount for parking and quickly rushed into the Marriott Marquis to see the man who would inspire me and set off the catalyst for my awakening. My friend had an extra ticket to an Anthony Robbins seminar. When I was invited to go – I had no idea what to expect and I accepted the invitation with expectations of nothing more than spending time at an interesting seminar with some friends.

Anthony Robbins planted the seed for my realization that I could still live well and better than before my shocking discovery – if I made the choice and believed I could. He introduced me to HOW I was going to make that possible. I learned of the possibility of my Unlimited Power.

Sharing and Paying It Forward…

After the seminar, I continued to read, research, and apply principles of excellence and personal empowerment in my life. I shared what I knew with others who were facing similar challenges. I shared with those who were facing challenges in general – in life, at work, in relationships…

I found part of what was to become my passion – Living Well Through Personal Empowerment – and I no longer felt that same sense of inadequacy. And, in spite of my illness and its symptoms, I had a sense of peace and wellness that I had never known before…


Although I was doing everything right to the best of my abilities – nature took over and I found myself unable to walk Fender Benderwell enough to go about my day to day life. I had to take a leave from work, at the time I wasn’t sure if I would return. While I was home, receiving treatments and going to physical therapy and doing everything within my power to reverse this set back- my income was cut in half. It reached a point where I could barely pay my bills and maintain my family lifestyle, which was already fairly financially conservative by many standards. After 8 months of living this way – I returned to work with a stack of unpaid bills and serious concerns about the possibility of what another relapse would bring.

Yes, I regained my ability to walk again. In fact, employing the principles of visualization and modeling accelerated my progress. That was my personal confirmation that I am truly powerful beyond measure. But how was I going to pay the bills and avert another financial catastrophe?


Never one to shy away from making friends and seeking out those who could help guide me in my new territory – a friend of a friend introduced me to the power of home business ownership. I did my due diligence and found great mentorship and coaching in aspects of running a successful home based business.

It became my mantra – my position – that everyone who is living with a chronic illness or disability should absolutely become an entrepreneur, as well as anyone and everyone who desires to take control over their life. I’ve heard it time and time before: Be your own boss – have more time for you and your family and enjoy financial freedom. But, this time it was as if I was hearing with a whole new set of ears – As always, it boils down to perspective.

From where I stand, my experience has taught me that Murphy’s Law still holds – so I have a plan to sustain myself – independently and successfully. My experience has taught me that I have the power to rise above my most seemingly bleakest circumstances. I learned that I’m not alone in this journey – there are so many others who face challenges and want to have a plan to engage in a better way of life. Just like me, they have a Warrior Spirit and the drive to succeed and live well.

My passion is Living Well Through Personal Empowerment and Entrepreneurship and helping others do the same!!

Walking Through the Territory Together..

Walking Together

There’s so much that I want to share with you to inspire Your Warrior Within. Things that you need to hear and begin to learn and use in your daily life. My messages will make your life so much easier because they are all about YOU conditioning yourself to Triumph through some of the biggest challenges that you’ll face. You deserve all that you desire in life. Realize that you have the Power and you WILL get through it all and succeed!!

To start your entrepreneurial journey and/or get clarity on the path that you’re on, let’s talk – contact me here

To Your Triumphant Success,

Kelis Marie

My granddaughter who I will Live Well to enjoy for a very long time=>

P.S. Leave a comment and tell me your biggest challenge and YOUR passion. I’d love to get to know you 🙂



Hi Dena, I enjoyed reading your blog. I’m so glad I called you and spoke with you. You are truly a powerful woman, your mind is in the right place at the right time. As you already know timing is everything. I’m sorry to hear about your condition, had you not have blogged it, I would have never known. your words of encouragement truly inspire me to be the best I can be. I thank you for the various websites you’ve shared with me to become more successful in my endeavors. I can tell you, I’m not a facebook fan, nor a blogger, but I’m slowly trying to push myself to become more familiar with these tools, as they can help me reach hundreds of people. May God bless and always keep you. …D!!!



Hey Dennis,
So glad that my story inspires you to continue on your path of excellence! You too are so powerful and you will succeed… I know this!! I enjoyed speaking with you and sharing some helpful resources. I look forward to working with you to help you overcome your challenge of using social media in your marketing strategies.


August Lennix

I love the story!! I wish you much success!!!



Thanks, August 🙂 You’re awesome!!



I read you story and the only thing I can say is WOW!
You are a special lady indeed. Life is real interesting
and you never know what’s around the corner waiting
for you, however you have shown courage under fire and
that’s very inspirational.
Continue to fight the good fight of faith, finish the course
and get your prize.

Peace and love to you!

Rufus Cross, CVO
Cross Global Networks



Hi Rufus, thanks for your very kind words and encouragement! Cheers to your continued success in business and in life 🙂


Linda G. Cox

You have an awesome story! Without knowing all the details until now, I have heard parts of your story and felt your influence since the day I met you! We are two peas in a pod with the same goals and desires (and the same cronic disease-ugh!). It will be a blast making our dreams come true…together!


Teach Jim
Twitter: teachjim

Fabulous story. Thank you for sharing the realities of life’s road. The joys and the disasters. Winning through them all as you grew to be who you are today. Powerful.

Your vision for everyday entrepreneurs aligns with my vision. I look forward to hearing more of the finer points of how you pulled it off when it was … really tough! Glad to meet you.

Teach Jim would like you to read College- Career Planning and Future Prospectives!My Profile


Jamie Bennett
Twitter: jbennett2020


I’m so glad I’ve got to meet you in the TSA this week and now get to know you as I explore your blog and posts. Your story is life-impacting and I know that it will impact many people. I really like that you’ve turned your passion of Living Well Through Personal Empowerment into your personal mission in helping others.

God Bless,
Jamie Bennett @ my lead system pro would like you to read The 5 Freedoms – One Minute Millionaire TrainingMy Profile


Margaret Adamson

Dear Dena, What a story!!!

You chose the route to help others and that was the best one you could ever have chosen., because so many not as strong as you will need to draw from you. God bless you!!


P.S. I haven’t got an amazing website like yours, but hope to connect through Coaching Cognition. I am taking the 200 level, which I think you are also doing.


Twitter: Akristae

Hi Dena,
Just found your message on twitter and followed the link over here to read your blog. What an inspiring story. We are on similar paths – only my hubby is the one with MS and I am his caregiver. Our website about MS is the end of a long search for a way to build an at home business. It’s the right fit for us and with steady work, we are reaching our goals.

I was truly inspired by your life story and your road to entrepreneurship. So glad for your success and the way you are “Living Well” with MS. Everyone can achieve success if that is what they really want. I too, believe that everyone with a challenge like MS should be an entrepreneur (or at least explore that option as a possibility for them).
Thanks so much for the Twitter message,
Akrista would like you to read MS Program or OrganizationMy Profile


Eunice Coughlin

Hi Dena-Lynn,

So glad that I finally made it over here from Facebook to read your story! Very inspiring and you tell it with such clarity. You are definitely a survivor and high achiever. God bless you and your family, your grandaughter is absolutely adorable.

Eunice Coughlin would like you to read New Rodan and Fields Holiday Collections Ready for YouMy Profile



I’m glad that you made it over, Eunice, and thank you for you kind words! Life is full of choices and I chose to join you and so many others who choose to live well 🙂

See ya’ back on Facebook…



John Barton

Hi Den-Lynn
Sometimes the power of distraction can be a good thing! That is certainly the case here. I received your kind comment to my blog but I felt attracted to find out more about you. What a great inspirational story – so many give up at the first hurdle but you have empowered yourself from an inner spirit. I can relate to that. I would like to keep in touch through Facebook. Thanks again John Barton
John Barton would like you to read Was it a very good year for Great Britain? – Part One – SportsMy Profile



Hi John,
Thanks for stopping over 🙂 I appreciate your kind words – I’m glad that my story is inspirational. My hope is that it is an example of the warrior spirit that is within all of us that we can draw on when we decide to live life on the terms that we decide.

Looking forward to getting to know you through our connection on Facebook!
Dena 🙂


Teresa Farrell

Hey, Dena; Thanks for sharing your story…now I understand why you use the warrior archtype…You are a warrior and an inspiration. I know you will be someone to watch and learn from…keep it up; Follow that inspiration! It is beautiful! Teresa
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Teresa, what a nice thing to say, thank you!


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