Internet Marketers: Beware of A Killer Occupational Hazard

by Dena-Lynn

in Marketing

Occupational HazardBetween making status updates to social media sites and interactions with your friends, which is probably in the thousands if you’ve been online for any length of time, you can easily lose a whole morning.

Then – there are the e-mails. You’re more than likely on the lists of every top leader in the industry because their e-mails never fail to disappoint – your daily serving of golden eggs. Each message is just oozing with internet marketing nuggets of golden strategies that you can immediately use to make your business explode.

And, let’s not forget about the e-mails from your clients, customers, and prospects (especially those red hot prospects) that you hear roaring for your urgent action.

Have you fallen prey to this scenario?

This is your occupational hazard!

It’s just not you – it happens to countless other internet marketers just like you. You’re driving your marketing full force, rushing to the promised land that’s not far off in the distance. Riding the wave of momentum – until you crash

Yes – I said – CRASH. Because that is what inevitably happens to too many internet marketers when they continue along on this course of action.

Isn’t it about time that you, as an Internet Marketer, practice what you preach? It’s time to truly experience and enjoy the “more time and freedom” principle that you dream about, and that you and I know comes up in conversations with your prospects – all the time. Am I wrong?

Well, you can enjoy more time and freedom while working in your business if you make a plan that will minimize the distractions that compete for your attention. Your internet marketing efforts become impotent if you continue to allow distractions to creep in at will, because when you do actually start working on Your plan – you’re either out of focus or out of time.

Avoid this KILLER occupational hazard.

Start to pre-plan your time and selfishly stick to your plan – every day:

Follow these 5 quick and easy strategies to become a champion in action of the time and freedom principle – always keeping in mind that YOU are being watched…

1. Make lists on Facebook and Twitter to include your friends according to the level of relationship that you share. This allows you to be choosy and focused in your networking interactions. Just so you know, if you don’t do this right, this can stand alone as an occupational hazard.

2. Make separate folders in your e-mail program for each favorite leader that you follow – setting a message rule for their e-mail to go directly to that folder. Just let the mail go there – set aside a time slot in Your schedule to specifically devote to reading their e-mail – later.

3. Set up accounts with services that enable you to automate your status updates for your social media sites: HootSuite, Tweet Deck, Social Oomph…. Set aside a chunk of time to write and schedule your updates – for the week, weeks, months ahead of time.

4. Maintain a master task list of growth directed business activities and prioritize the list in order of importance. Commitment to this list, hands down, will avoid your killer occupational hazard – distraction.

5. Plan for tomorrow – at the end of your day – making a list of the 5 most important tasks to be completed. Start your business day with those 5 tasks – focus on just those 5 tasks until they’re complete.

I know, life happens – things that you say that you have no control over. In the spirit of pre-planning, doesn’t it make sense to take the time to dig down, spending valuable time to drill down deep to anticipate and prepare for your “out of your control” things too?

I hope that these simple strategies help to keep you focused and alive and thriving as an Internet Marketer.

Do not succumb to an occupational hazard.

Ideally, use all of them – but, even if you choose to use just one, I guarantee that you will get closer to enjoying a life of time and freedom that you deserve.

I’d love to hear how you’re handling the distraction trap – please leave a comment to share your experience with this major occupational hazard. Also, if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and any other network that you use.

Live Well & Be Empowered,

© 2010 – 2015, Dena-Lynn. All rights reserved.

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+Dena-Lynn is a Mom, Grammie, Author, MS Warrior, IM Consultant & Professionally Trained Life Coach. Inspiring The Warrior Within to TRIUMPH in a home based business and in life!

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David Merrill

So important, Dena!

I don’t know any internet marketer who isn’t besieged by To-Do’s. Like you say, though, prioritize! And I think the best way to do this is your 5th idea.

EACH DAY: list the 5 most important things to do that will move your business forward and don’t do any thing else until those 5 are done.

I’ve used that strategy, and it really worked… the few times I used it. Well, I’m back to it again thanks to you, Dena! Thanks for the nudge.
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Hi David,
I agree that working through the list of the 5 most important things is one of the best strategies. That one helps me maintain control control over my day, while keeping distractions at bay. You’re welcome for the nudge 🙂


Deirdre Rutherford

Hi Dena,
Yes distraction can be a curse. You have given some great ideas above to assist in getting the most productivity out of one’s day. Time management is so important, something that I find really useful is not looking at the emails (as they are a major distraction and you can lose half a day) until after I have attended to some income producing activities.
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Hi Deirdre,
Not looking at e-mails until you’ve been productive is definitely a tremendous way to manage your time and avoid the time warp of distraction. Thanks for stressing that point, Deirdre, because e-mails can be such a HUGE cause of distraction and overwhelm.


Douglas Richardson

Hey Dena-Lynn, thanks for bringing these valuable tips to my attention, sometimes I need to hear these things more than once. My main distraction is email, always seems that there is something important that I need to read? I am going to create folders and rules today! Thanks Again Douglas



Hi Doug,
I have not met one internet marketer who doesn’t get hammered with the e-mails too. I sure did until I devised a plan to deal with it all and I also started to realize that it all was Not that important. Glad that you’re going to create those folders – takes minutes and it shaves hours of distraction 🙂


Chris McCargar

You’re “spot on” Dena, as far as I can see. Some great points about working in the “distraction-free zone”. You’ve seen that so many of us fall in to a number of traps in our efforts to achieve “success”!

I laughed to myself about the emails and the lack of productivity that surrounds it , when you let it get away… that is something in my personal time management that I had been struggling with. These days, I’d estimate that at least half of my email goes straight to trash… half of the remaining gets only a cursory glance.

I’m down to about 25% of my emails that I give any attention to…. and I haven’t suffered any withdrawal symptoms . In fact I think I feel better!
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Hi Chris,
That’s the key – not letting it get away from you… staying on top of your control over those distractions is what is going to make any strategy beneficial. I also feel better when I get rid of the distractions – free to focus on what’s most important.


Tim Colletti

Hi Dena-Lynn,

Distraction are apart of our daily lives, both personal and business. Keeping it all together is the challenge that we must face. Multitasking is one of the keys to overcoming this, and having a good “To Do” list also helps.

~ Tim
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Hi Tim,
Agreed, keeping it all together is an all around challenge. Multitasking is yet another way to keep it together. I do that, whenever I can.


Quaneshia Holden

Thank you for this post Dena-Lynn. This happens all too often. Some days I don’t even want to log into my facebook because I get sucked in to reading all my messages or notifications or reading post. Thanks for putting it back into perspective for me. You rock!
Quaneshia Holden would like you to read Should You Treat Your Network Marketing Company Like an Affiliate ProgramMy Profile



Hi Quaneshia! I know that you’re super busy so I’m glad that these tips are helpful for you. Once I started to use these strategies, I found so much time to spend in the activities that were most important.
To your continued success…. Dena 🙂


Michaelé Harrington

Hi Dena,

Awesome topic you’ve covered here and excellent tips!
Social media in particular can become such a trap if you’re not careful.
I tend to limit it to morning and evening engagement so that it doesn’t distract me when I’m focused on important tasks during the day.

Email is still one of my biggest distractions, so I loved your suggestion of mailbox rules.
I haven’t worked out how to set this up yet but your post has prompted me to go look it up 🙂

Thanks for the fantastic, clear tips for avoiding distraction.
Michaelé Harrington would like you to read How To Bring Your Team Online Without The Overwhelm – Part 3My Profile


Chris Anderson

Great post Dena! I’ve personally been focusing a lot on your last tip recently – making and sticking to 5 daily goals (sometimes it’s only 3 for me actually, depending on how much time they take). I’ve found this to be one of the best ways to stay focused on accomplishing prioritized tasks, and not letting distractions consume you.

I’ve also found that focusing on a limited amount of places to stay active in makes life easier, and you can have more impact. So instead of spreading yourself too thin trying to be the king of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg, etc. just pick a few that best fit your needs and interests, and tackle the other networks if and when you have time.

Thanks again!



Fantastic post!! Really emails are the main distraction for internet marketers. It eats lots of time which is much valuable than any anything some times I don’t even want to log into my Facebook,Twitter or whatever. Thanks a lots for all your tips and you made me realize how important time. You Roczzzz..
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Andy Nathan


As someone who has crashed before, I definitely agree with you that you need a plan to stay focused. You can easily get sucked into the internet marketing vortex. Spend your time wisely.




Very inspiring… As usual, Dena.

Especially since I’ve been a bit under the weather lately & a lil’ lazy, to be exact – But I’ve noticed that operating with the bigger picture in mind does help, but it isn’t as effective as following a detailed daily to-do-list.

Hopefully, from that advice & everything else that has been covered in this post, I’ll get passed my writer’s block in no-time!

GREAT Post! 🙂



Hi Collin, I’m glad that you found these tips helpful. As you highlighted, a daily to-do-list is highly effective. Your Daily Method of Operation will become second nature and will definitely prevent the lazys 😉

Thanks for your visiting me here, Collin. Nice to hear from you as always.

btw – go to so that your pic always shows up next to your comments – go on and show off that handsome face of yours 😉


Collin Xatoto

The pleasure is all mine, Dena 🙂 By the way, thanx for the compliment & the tip;

… I’ve just finished setting-up my Gravatar account!
Collin Xatoto@ Money-Making-Online (Unleashed!) would like you to read Advantages of Social Media!My Profile



Happy to see you now Collin 🙂


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