Entrepreneur Success Stories And Struggle

by Dena-Lynn

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Entrepreneur Success StoriesEntrepreneur success stories often include a story about their struggle to overcome some obstacle or challenge. Interestingly, that challenge may have been the inspiration behind their great success. 

I recently read an article in Entrepreneur Magazine where Richard Branson shares his struggle with dyslexia. As he put it, when he left school at 16, he was determined to turn his negative into a positive and did in fact eventually became what his headmaster predicted – a millionaire. One of the many great entrepreneur success stories that we admire.

Richard Branson was uncomfortable which compelled him to dig deep to create what he desired. 

Watch this video to explore other entrepreneur success stories and consider the question: are you willing to be uncomfortable to realize your success?

What are you willing to give up? How uncomfortable are you willing to become? Have you noticed that the more comfortable that you are the less inclined you are to push yourself? 

I previously posted this video on Facebook and Liz Jones of Fitabolize responded that Robert Kiyosaki’s story is hardcore! It certainly is, yet she went on to describe her own challenges and came to the realization that, yes – she did in fact have a story of her own that was a driving force for her.

Entrepreneur success stories are personal and unique….

I know that you are capable of discovering resources to overcome whatever challenges you encounter on your journey. In fact, I believe that it’s quite natural for you to become a great entrepreneur if you believe that you can – and you’re willing to do the work. Your story is just waiting to be told and added to the many great entrepreneur success stories that you know.

So, what are you willing to give up to get the success that you want? Leave a comment below to tell me what kind of entrepreneur success stories that you’ll proudly tell.

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Steve Borgman

One of my most uncomfortable moments as an entrepreneur was buying my first investment property. It’s still my first investment property, because 2008 was when the bottom fell out of the real estate market. Fortunately, I’ve been able to hold onto that investment. In time, I hope it pays off. But it’s been a priceless education in discomfort!


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