Empower Yourself And Achieve

by Dena-Lynn

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I previously shared with you how important self-knowledge is to your empowerment. Knowing who you are, your purpose or your why, and what you want to achieve is vital. But, what do you do if you’re experiencing a wrenching feeling that what you want to achieve is impossible? You’d be surprised at how many people who appear to be living successfully within their power have struggled with these feelings.Warrior Woman

Your background may be a contributing factor where you don’t personally know of anyone who is just like you who has achieved the goal that you set for yourself. Or, the people around you flat out tell you that it can’t be done. The so-called “experts” may even contribute to your feelings of doubt.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” Eleanor Roosevelt

When faced with these feelings do you throw your hands up in defeat and throw your dreams away? If you do – sometimes or a lot, I say STOP. I like to bottom line most things rather quickly and I’m telling you, when you choose to instead say – WHY NOT? WHAT IF? – then you’ll be well on your way to achieving what you thought was impossible.

You see, it is YOUR BELIEF that matters – truly. If you’ve decided that you want to accomplish something, yet that wrenching feeling of doubt is holding you back – take a step back and around it, and respect your ability to create what you conceive and desire.

The line between possible and impossible is not so definite. Through the years the world has seen people do things that were deemed impossible. If you’re intent on accomplishing something in your life, you don’t have to succumb to barriers. Decide to be a warrior – BE A WARRIOR. If you want to succeed, believe that you can. Sometimes, it’s not even your abilities that dictate your success. It has nothing to do with what you can and cannot do. It has nothing to do with how much or how little power you have. When YOU deem it possible, you will find the way to create your triumph despite the odds. Empower yourself.

Believe in your ability. You’ll always encounter obstacles along the way. These obstacles may signify your inability to succeed in whatever it is that you are trying to do. Shrug it off to the side and instead, believe in what you can do. If you believe in yourself, then everything will follow. If you dream it possible, then you can break through.

Challenge yourself. How does it serve you to let people dictate what you can and cannot do? Challenge and push yourself – give yourself permission. No limits – attain more than what’s expected. Open your mind to – and accept the resources that surround you. Take yourself on the ride of your life. Be determined.

Act now, and not later. Once you’ve decided on doing something, why procrastinate? Seize the moment. You may currently have only a slight glint of power, take advantage of this anyway and use it to kick-start your entire journey.

Trust yourself. You can achieve great things if you let go of your fears and inhibitions. Let go of negative thoughts. Go for it, and do it.

That’s it – really. Dream – Believe – Achieve. Oh, one more thing – you must also surround yourself with positive people and positive energy – remember your inspiration.

Right now I want to share a song that has inspired me for years – I actually sang it during a performance of my 1st grade class play – many, many, many years ago. 😆 But I never forgot it – I never forgot the feeling and the emotion of the words – I will always hold the meaning of the words. Back then – I made a decision to be a warrior. Enjoy, “To Dream the Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha, beautifully covered by one of my favorite performers, the late Luther Vandross…


To Your Empowerment,


© 2011 – 2017, Dena-Lynn. All rights reserved.

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+Dena-Lynn is a Mom, Grammie, Author, MS Warrior, IM Consultant & Professionally Trained Life Coach. Inspiring The Warrior Within to TRIUMPH in a home based business and in life!

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Wendy Hewlett

This is such an empowering post Dena-Lynn! And it is so true. When I was younger I was taking travel & tourism in college. The instructor had everyone come up to the front of the class and tell everyone what they hoped to gain from the course. I said that I wanted to become a destination rep and she told me that I would never get a job like that. haha My response was, “Why not? Someone has to do it.” A year later, she came to visit me in Cozumel, Mexico where I was working as a destination rep at an all-inclusive resort. 😀 Self-belief is a powerful thing!!

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Marquita Herald

Really enjoyed this article Dena-Lynn. I spent nearly a decade working with new entrepreneurs – most were women, and many were mother’s hoping to build homebased businesses so they could stay home with their children. The biggest challenge by far was not lack of experience – but lack of self-confidence. I started having each new representative keep a “success” journal. The idea was to keep daily notes of each accomplishment, no matter how small – then we reviewed it every week or two and celebrate her growth. I gave small rewards and they could earn gold stars, etc. It was such a small thing, but if someone doesn’t have much of a support system, or anyone to look to as an example, it’s an effective way to begin building self-confidence.
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Selya Rollins

I love this post Dena, self empowerment is a daily process that I teach to my students; they will not be able to achieve anything if they don’t believe in themselves.
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Beverly Monical

This was great! I like posts that make me feel good as I read them.This one did just that.The tips you gave were right on and I loved the video of Luther singing wrapping it all up.I am glad I stopped by here today on Good Friday.Thanks for such an inspriring article.
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Hi Dena,

I love the message you are sending here! I grew up not knowing anyone who had done what I wanted to do… they all thought I was nuts when I said I’m going to sail away and make a new life. Of course, it all turned out wonderfully for me.

I can’t say that it was all up to me though! Somebody believed in me before I did and he still does when I lack self confidence.

I love the tips here and I am sure they will inspire many!

Love that song too!

Emma 🙂
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Hi Dena-Lyn,

I really enjoyed reading your post. Additionally, I would add that your ‘why’ (the reason behind your goal) has quite a bit of impact. If your “why” is strong enough, it will help propel you through times of doubt. (“The Impossible Dream” has been one of my favorites for years as well.) Thank you for this inspirational post.
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David Merrill

Great inspiration and encouragement Dena.

You’ve really put together a self-empowerment success plan. And of course, once we’ve achieved the sort of self-empowerment you prescribe, then success in anything at all will just follow as a natural outcome. You’ve already created the success framework, now you only need to plug into it.
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Bill Hartman

Wow what an GREAT Job on this post. The impossible Dream but believing in oneself and making it happen. You have hit a true HOMERUN here. Thank you for putting this out there!




Cheryl James
Twitter: Cheryl_James

I really love these positive and empowering posts. You convey the message so beautifully, I truly think it is a gift that you have. I expect this post will help people to realize the concepts that you have just laid out. In fact I would be shocked if someone finished this post without feeling energized and capable of anything. I think I’ll bookmark it for inspiration.
Thanks Dena!
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Julie Weishaar

Hi Dena-Lynn. Thanks so much for the inspiring post! Believing in and trusting ourselves are probably the most difficult things to master – especially – as you say – in light of the obstacles that will definitely come across all our paths. I think the most difficult obstacle to get past is the one in the form of someone close to use who doesn’t “get” what we are doing and albeit, oftentimes, unintentionally, undermines our confidence to move forward with the path we have chosen for yourselves. I am a pretty open – OK totally transparent 🙂 person – so when I find myself in this type of a situation (more often than not – with my parents) – I come right out and tell them that they are not helping me – that they are actually hindering me. Most times, they stop 🙂
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William Earl Amis, Jr III

Dena, this article has so much empowering direction, and well put! Fantastic…

I agree, all must let go of all thoughts of limitations. Your mind is so powerful and unlimited. You have to start being empowered with burning desire for personal growth. Learn from sharing and reading all things, that have to do with meditating on love, enjoyment, happiness and all the other good emotions. Smile more when going through your live. Surrounding yourself with others, that support what you determined as success. It is only all about you. Your desires and others will support you and mentor with the steps to reach that ultimate goal, success as you determined.

I would never compare my travels with anyone else. As a mentor, coach and visionary in our industry. There are times when people ask how did I accomplish this or that. I share in away of empowering their hunger to achieve greatness. Reaching that next level they need to for their end result. I want to edify them daily and if required. I will hold their hands, until they have reached the level of mentor, coach and being a true visionary. It’s all about them and how to achieve duplication, by serving with that servant’s heart. ethical activity always is required to create unity. Having a supportive group of others who are only focus on your personal growth and success. This is priceless, yet doable with real dedicated people.

Dena, your an inspiration and display a deep passion in coaching others to become what they already are. Compassionate people willing to give their all for success, as they determined. They just needed people such as yourself. A true leader and mentor that I would gladly follow on my path to success.

I would always stress for all to use due-diligence in all research before accepting anything out here. Everyone is not as ethical, loving and supportive as Dena.

Thank you for all that energy and great content, that takes us to the next level. I look forward in watching you create more awesome leaders. That can visualize unlimited growth and success, as you. Duplication is the first step in sustaining our industry. I know your one of our great creators, within TSA. Great Post!
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Richard Goutal
Twitter: Goutal Richard

I love that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, one of my heroes. “You must do the thing you THINK you cannot do.” In that quote is the germ of the idea, that you CAN manage your thoughts, and one way to do that is to take action. Several of your bullet points underscore that like, Take action now, not later. Marty mentioned keeping a journal of the little accomplishments. Her feedback + the accomplishments = improved confidence (thinking).
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Twitter: pwweddingfavors

I have always not liked it when others, especially those who are not close with me, will tell me that “you can do it” or other words of encouragement. It doesn’t help me at all. It doesn’t sound sincere. I think you’re right. We are the only ones who can empower ourselves effectively, not other people. 🙂


Linda G. Cox

This is a delightful post! I loved listening to the music as I read! My favorite quote here is “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” Eleanor Roosevelt and looking through the comments, I’m not the only one who thinks so!
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Donna Merrill

What a wonderful job you did here Dena-Lynn. It’s been a while since we connected, but you seem to be growing in leaps and bounds my friend. I used to let the past “voices” in my head hold me back because I believed they were true. When I decided to turn it around, I became a WARRIOR! If people just took that first step, they would be warriors and that is the key to success!
I am sure everyone who reads this will start thinking…..


James Trower

Great post Dena, self empowerment and critical thinking is a daily lesson that I teach to my students. If you believe in yourself and Think for yourself, anything is possible.


Cindy Murphy

Hi Dena – Lynn,

I have really enjoyed this post. It’s all about self confidence and courage. One can only achieve what they are willing to achieve and as much as others can encourage, coach and help, it’s up to us as individuals to take that chance, step out of the box and empower ourselves.

Thanks for sharing,

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Karamjeet Kaur

great inspiring post. self employment is a good thing. we must believe in our self to achive our goal


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