Building Relationships – Your Customer is Your Best Friend

by Dena-Lynn

in Marketing

What have you done for your customers or potential customers lately? Internet marketing can be deceptive. You’re told, and I know that it’s true, that the most important thing that you need to succeed is a list.

Building RelationshipsI bet you’re already doing a great job of gathering a list of names and email addresses, but what do you plan to do so that they will stay loyal to you?

In this post, I want to point out just 3 things that will help you forge stronger relationships with your potential customers so that they’ll never have to look anywhere else for your product or service.

1.  Use the law of reciprocity

This law works on the most basic psychological premise – if you do something for someone else first, they’ll feel obligated to do something for you in return. You can earn the loyalty of others by this simple act. I’m sure that you’ve opted in with your name and email address to receive more information at many sites out there, but very few of them ever come back to you to give something of value for free. Be different – stand out in the eyes of your potential customers. Give them something like a free report concerning your product or service, or any kind of information that’s pertinent to what you have to offer. Your gift will be much appreciated. Once your customers realize that you’re not all about sell, sell, sell they start to trust you because they see that you’re not just another internet marketer who is after their money. Right there, you have started to build relationships and trust.

2.  Valuable Information

In internet marketing, information is all that you have to sell your product or service. Imagine that you are faced with 2 sites with the same offer at the same price. One of them gives you solid information that you can apply, while the other offers poorly written information that is not really adding value to you. Which site will you eventually buy from? As you construct the content for your online site, always put yourself in the shoes of the reader and ask yourself if they would actually find what you have written useful. If they find it useful, they start to rely on you as a source of information, and this is one of the greatest ways to get relationships going.

3.  Timely customer service

I can’t count how many times that I’ve gone to the “contact us” section of a website and written to them with a question or a request for more information and no one bothered to get back to me. Have you been guilty of that? Why should you give your readers the option to contact you if you won’t be bothered to respond? Human beings are human beings and the more that they feel that you respond to them, the more you win their trust. They’ll know that you care and that you didn’t make an offer or sell them a product and disappear. If you consistently respond to customer queries and comments, you’ll notice that they’ll continue to return and respond to you too.

It’s easy to earn customer loyalty to your product or service. Treat your prospects and customers as you would like to be treated. Be courteous, be helpful, do more than they expect and always let them know that they can always rely on you.

To Your Success,

P.S. You probably enjoy receiving free gifts in the form of valuable information just as much as I do. Please leave a comment to share the best free gift that you’ve received, and – if you presently offer a free gift, feel free to describe it and share the link 🙂

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Don Enck

This is a very helpful post. Not only is it relevant for online marketers it’s just as important for and traditional brick and mortar business. Everyone wants to get and keep customers and customer service is Huge!

There’s an old saying you’ve probably heard…”under promise and over deliver”. It’s all apt of building a solid trusting relationship. Do this right and your business will thrive.

I agree with you that giving away something of value for free is important. It’s refreshing when people do this with no strings attached. On my blog I offer a free Blueprint for Success. In it I share 6 tools that have allowed me to move forward in my life and my business in creating the right mindset for success.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.
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Thanks Don, for sharing that old saying – I love it because it proves to be true time and time again. Creating delight for your customer goes a long way 🙂


Mary Lou Kayser

Hi Dena,
Ah yes…the list! Building one is what we are taught, and just like with customers, the real work only begins once the connection is secured! I see way too many people fall short in this arena. They believe that once they have a customer, that customer will be loyal forever. Yet, as you so aptly point out, there are many choices for customers these days and when push comes to shove, the business that offers better quality, better value, and takes the time to build the relationships with customers will come out the winner.

Terrific reminder for all of us!

Mary Lou
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Hi Mary Lou, and thanks for stopping through! With so many marketers using the internet, I think that the process of building relationships is one of the strongest ways to maintain a competitive edge. 🙂



Hi Dena,

Number 3, Timely Customer Service, reminds me of an email I sent to someone through her website a few years ago. I wanted some information and thought i’d get it within a couple of days or so but oh no, I got an email back……a year later!

That’s the longest i’ve ever waited for a reply. Needless to say I was no longer interested. Definitely no way to treat a potential customer.

Thank you for this wonderful post 🙂
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Karla Setchel

Hey Dena,

Great post! You’re absolutely right about customer service is a very important part of any business 🙂

Karla Setchel


Tim Colletti

Hi Dena,

Great post. I’m not sure which step is best. They are all equally valuable, but I really like the law of reciprocity the best. Give unto others, and they will give back.

~ Tim
Tim Colletti would like you to read Basic Online Business Techniques For SuccessMy Profile


Val Wilcox

This subject can never be emphasized too many times. Relationship building is the key to good business practices. People are more apt to work with someone who really cares about them and their needs.

Awesome points,
Val 😉
Val Wilcox would like you to read Coming From Ground and CenterMy Profile


Linda G. Cox

This post includes it all! Network marketing is all about the list, building friendships and offering a superb service! You do a great job sharing valuable content for the marketers out here! Thank you!!
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Lani Kee - Mind Mapping Techniques

Aloha Dena, great message on your post and those are important factors to keep in mind and use in all businesses. Thanks for sharing!

PS…I would love to have you come by and share your comment with me. The benefits are sharing is caring. Mahalo! 🙂
Lani Kee – Mind Mapping Techniques would like you to read Pixlr -Vs- Photoshop Graphic Editor ToolMy Profile


Kellie Hosaka

Aloha Dena,

Thank you for detailing the basics of good customer service and basic relationship building. It seems like “common sense” and yet a lot of us missed these very basic things. Treat everyone how you would like to be treated and in Hawaii we say, treat everyone like they were your family “ohana”.

Thank you,
Kellie 🙂
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This is spot on! Was just talking about this with Antonio a while ago. Online marketing does not rule out offline rules of interpersonal relationships. And simple courtesy and manners do not go out of the window just because we are marketing online. Thank for this needed reminder!
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Arlan Murata

Hey Dena: Simple and great message about customer service that many of us need to pay more attention to. Be givers not takers. You don’t like people who will not service what they offer. Where will you put eyeballs on value or junk? Awesome, thks


Charels Allen II

Thanks for sharing Dena you did a wonderful jog with your blog post. It’s important to build the 3 way bonding with clients. It make a difference in being in business long term.
Charels Allen II would like you to read SEO Basic Series 2 VideoMy Profile


Etieno Etuk
Twitter: donnylem

Great post Dena-Lynn. You’re right. Your customer is your best friend and how you relate with him or her will determine whether or not that friendship will last or be cut short. I like how you stress the importance of getting back to a customer if they take the time to fill out a ‘contact us’ form.
Etieno Etuk would like you to read Activating Faith Instead Of FearMy Profile


Steven Dean

Great Points Dena. Especially the Contact part. Why put such an option there if you can’t get in touch with them. And some of us would probably have the nerve to get upset if it happened to them; what hypocrite some of us can be. Being different is key to attraction. I do that very well. I don’t want to be like anyone else, but I do want to pick up some things that has worked for them. You have to have duplicity, but not total duplicity. Glad we agree on a few things here Dena, nice insight.

Steven Dean
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Willena Flewelling

Dena-Lynn, you are so right. As one of my mentors is often heard to say, “Network marketing is not a numbers game! People join people they know, like and trust!”

Willena Flewelling
Willena Flewelling would like you to read I Never Believed Him – BeforeMy Profile


Tanisha Adjokatcher

Hey Dena love the blog, this is exactly how the top earners get to the top building relationship are crucial and more than ever. thx


Alexander Paul
Twitter: AlexanderPaul

Great Post Dena-Lynn!

Thanks for boiling down the relationshipbuilding with your list to three core points. As you describe above it all comes down’t to relationship building and it starts from the first time a website starts loading in a browser. If a website is poorly built and is all over with banners then for my point of view I won’t start building a bond from my end to the creator of this site. But on the other hand if I land on a site which welcomes you in various aspects and the listbuilding strategy and the relationship building is top notch, I will more likely turn out as a customer or business partner.

Thx again for sharing this creat content.

Alexander Paul would like you to read Creating A Blog Can Save You!My Profile



Hi Dena.

Thank you for this article. Relationships with people are central to wealth too. Relationships with self, family, friends, customers, suppliers, emplouyers, employees and even with strangers can make all the difference in our lives. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to many more of your posts! Best regards and keep on creating personal wealth! Best regards, Christo
Christo would like you to read Wealth is not accidential. It is intentional.My Profile



Hi Dena, I am pretty impressed with this blog of yours. It is very inspiring. Building relationships with customers is not that easy. We should definitely treat them as our best friends. I really agree with this. Thanks for sharing your tips. Indeed it is very useful and helpful for me. Keep up the great work!
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