Automated Social Backlinks On Fire?

by Dena-Lynn

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Social BacklinksSocial Backlinks are more important than ever since Google changed its algorithm for determining where a site appears in search engine results, I’m told. You see, an SEO Expert I’m not. I know the importance of SEO when you’re marketing online. You want traffic to your information and products you’re offering. And, I understand keyword research. But – like any SEO rookie, I use tools like SEO Pressor and Keyword Winner to guide me through the SEO process. 

Here’s an interesting tidbit… did you know that SEO Gurus don’t know Google’s algorithm? So how do gurus know that social backlinks carry a great deal of influence now? They report their conclusion after experimenting, which is fine with me – I love science. And, every now and then Google will make announcements with an overview about how they operate. Their exact formula, however, is secret, kind of like Colonel Sander’s top-secret ingredient list. Like the Colonel – Google’s secret algorithm is the key to their success – they’re #1. And, Google doesn’t want shenanigans, like the easy manipulation of search results interfering with their quality and their brand. I don’t blame them. So, between the “clues” and experiments we’ve entered the space of… 

Social Backlinks Domination

Here’s a good place to make sure you’re clear on what social backlinks are. Backlinks connect another site to yours. The Google bots see your link on a site and then follow that link back to your site. There are issues like NoFollow and DoFollow settings that influence whether or not that happens. Just know for now that you want your link to appear on a DoFollow site. By the way, this site is DoFollow, thought I’d let you know. So… social backlinks are your links that appear on social networking sites. There are a lot of them. And this concerned me.

I previously admitted that I’m not an SEO expert, I rely on tools to guide me so I can do it quickly and have time to focus on my own expertise. So when I got an email yesterday from Daniel Lew, the creator of Keyword Winner, telling me about a tool that would take care of this for me – of course I took a close look. Essentially, he said, not only was there a tool that would create social backlinks – it was automated. For me, that’s a big deal. 

Social Backlinks Empire

If social backlinks are now the lifeblood of SEO, I thought that this would concern you too. Do you have the time to sit down and find all of the social networking sites in existence, that are DoFollow, and then create profiles on the ones that are somehow relevant to your niche, and then create social backlinks in places that make sense? I don’t know…

If you don’t want to spend time building a ton of social backlinks, I suggest you check out the tool that Daniel Lew turned me onto. I haven’t tried it yet – it officially launches on December 3, 2012 at 11AM (you know how product launches usually go, sometimes the gremlins interfere with the timing – Race Against Timecould be sooner, could be later, heck – it might even be available now).

I’ve seen the demo and this is what I do know about this social backlinks tool: a claim that BETA Testers show Page 1 rankings in 2 weeks – automated, it’s a free traffic technique (after the initial purchase) that you can use over and over again, easy set-up, and this social backlinks tool will only be available for 7 days from the launch date. And, it’s less that 10 bucks… $10 USD.

For that price point, what do we have to lose? Here’s my deal, I’ve neglected my blog terribly while I’ve been working on other projects. Lost the rank that I was building because of inactivity and I’m sure that the pandas and penguins had a hand in that too. So I’m willing to take a risk here – that’s what entrepreneurs do. This social backlinks tool will be an experiment for me, of sorts – remember I said that I love science. Are you ranking as high in the search engines as you want?

If you happen to be an SEO expert, I’d love to hear your take on social backlinks and this tool. Please leave a comment for me to check out. But I kind of trust Daniel Lew – Keyword Winner has been a winner for many top bloggers I know, they apparently have a bit of trust in him too.

So, I’m going to indulge myself, spend 10 bucks and try this social backlinks tool. I’ll let you know if it’s really that easy to get social backlinks that affect my rank. If you care to join me on this quest – go here and come back and let me know how it’s working for you. 

To Your Triumphant Success,


P.S. Let’s have some fun… leave a comment naming one or more obscure social networking sites and describe what it’s about.

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Lydia Brown
Twitter: lydiajbrown

Dena-Lynn great post very informative. Just when I thought I was getting a handle on SEO then Google went all “whose your Daddy” and now all I read about is backlinks so I better hop to it. I recently download some information on it from Hubspot. Thank you.
Lydia Brown would like you to read How to Use FORM to Engage ProspectsMy Profile



Lol, yes, Google is the Daddy – we all have to re-learn the rules 🙂


Lydia Brown
Twitter: lydiajbrown

Some people make the topic of backlinks sound so difficult you provide a lot of clarity to the issue. Look forward to your thoughts on how this tool works. Thanks Dena.
Lydia Brown would like you to read Why you should Ping your Website ContentMy Profile



Thanks Lydia! I can relate – some writers assume that you know the lingo – not me – I like to keep it simple… it’s only fair 🙂


Jupiter Jim
Twitter: JupiterJimFLA


That sounds like a neat little inexpensive tool for creating social backlinks and I need to take a look at it, definitely. I noticed you use SEOPressor plugin and I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve also heard that the Yoast SEO Plugin is a good one for SEO as well. And thanks for sharing SEO advice, even though you are admittedly not an SEO expert, because few people actually are experts, but we all have some relevant information to share now and again.

Thanks for sharing!
Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial would like you to read Create Contact Page with “Fast Secure Contact Form” WordPress pluginMy Profile



Yes, I like SEOPressor – I generally find it uncomfortable to write with search engines in mind – so SEO plugin tells me exactly what I need.


Ginger Long

Brilliant post Dena-Lynn!! I agree that social media backlinks and SEO can be incredibly beneficial to any business nowadays. Marketers should read this blog as I find it very helpful.


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