8 Core Commitments and Marketing Skills of Serious Marketers

by Dena-Lynn

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If you’ve been trying to build a business online or if that’s your desire, you obviously must learn basic internet marketing skills if your goal is to achieve success. Top leaders are committed to implementing what’s been proven to work, tirelessly and without question. Are you?

Marketing Skills

If there’s a leader in you that’s screaming for the proper guidance so that it can emerge to reveal its brilliance – this is for you…

Foundational Key Marketing Skills and Practices to Building

A Business on the Internet


1 – You Must Have a way to get paid directly => get a merchant account

Having a merchant account will enable you to take your own fees from customers, pay your own fees to banks, and be responsible for your own business. Ultimately, you’ll make more money if you’re responsible for your own business. Isn’t that the goal of owning your own business?

2 – Blog daily – 7 days a week

Blogging daily creates traffic. Traffic is the life source of your business. No traffic (audience, eyes, whatever you want to call it) = no business. Learning how to get traffic is among the top marketing skills that you can’t afford not to acquire.

3 – Market Daily

Marketing daily will increase traffic, leads, your abilities, and ultimately your income. Smart business people take 20% of their gross revenue before they spend it on anything else and re-invest the 20% back into multiple paid traffic sources (advertising).

4 – New Member Coaching

Whether you provide an info product or service, personally connecting with your new member will create more long-term mutual value in your relationship. Clearly, the most sales come from people who trust you and the biggest trust will come from those who personally connect with you. As far as marketing skills go, it’s important for you to learn early on that a buyer is a buyer. Use this opportunity to give them more value – teach them how to do more and get more. Refer them to trainings, videos, articles, 3rd party resources that will help them. They’ll trust you more, stay around longer, and be open to buying more from you.

5 – Empower Hour and Daily Motivation

Take this time to re-energize – get excited all over again. Haven’t you noticed how much quicker you take action when you’re inspired? Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Successful leaders follow a successful marketing skills blueprint, without question.

6 – Listen to Audio Daily

As you’re going about your day use every minute of your time wisely towards your advancement and growth. Listening to audio is an ideal way to learn marketing strategies and psychological sales principles that will help you sell better, recruit more, expand business faster, expand marketing faster. Doing this will also give you content to blog about (see #2).

7 – Read Daily

Have you heard that leaders are readers? Of course you have. I bet that you didn’t hear that, right now, instead of reading books, you need to be reading: forums, blogs, emails, sales letters. Right now, since your emphasis is on quickly learning internet marketing skills. By daily reading successful copy, you’ll find it increasingly easier to write your own successful copy. Spend less time on the theoretical and more time on duplicating what is working right now.

8 – Attend Events

There is no quicker way to learn more in 2-3 days than you would by attending live industry and company events. Hands down! There’s no question that you’ll learn from the speakers on the stage. But do you know the source of the most powerful value and insights? The top leaders are committed to attending live events because there is more value in the masterminding groups that happen at live events than anything else. Make sure that you’re at the next one and everyone thereafter!

If you are a serious marketer and want to build a successful business on the internet – commit to these 8 practices and learn the marketing skills that are essential to your success.

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