5 Quick Tips to Help Get Over Your Discomfort of Making Videos

by Dena-Lynn

in Marketing

Video MarketingNew Year, new projects, new goals – right? One of my goals for 2011 is to use video to communicate online. Like many others, I’ve stood in my own way because of my discomfort behind the camera. Quite frankly, I felt a bit silly talking to a lens – and I actually love to talk, go figure…

Take a look at these 5 fantastic strategies that you can implement now to get over your discomfort while I bravely and imperfectly explain in a quick video below.

Here goes….

I hope that you received some value in this video – despite my fumbles. 😆 It’s far from ideal but I wanted to put it out there anyway because I know that the best way to succeed through challenges is to meet them head on and plow right through them.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of all this. And, I’d love for you to join me in putting your videos out there to serve as a springboard to your amazing video success.

Cheers to a wonderful and successful new year,


© 2011 – 2017, Dena-Lynn. All rights reserved.

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+Dena-Lynn is a Mom, Grammie, Author, MS Warrior, IM Consultant & Professionally Trained Life Coach. Inspiring The Warrior Within to TRIUMPH in a home based business and in life!

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Cindy Murphy

Hi Dena,

Great job on your video. You look so comfortable and natural in this video. So excited to see you on video and I love your personality and sense of humor.

Looking forward to watching your business grow in 2011.

Happy New Year!

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Debbie Lattuga

The tip that worked the best for me was to keep on going. The more you do it, the easier it gets. The other thing I like to do is tape a very short outline to the bottom of the camera. That helps me remember what I want to speak about.

The other thing is to make practice videos. Or try to make a bad video. Just getting in front of the camera will help you become more comfortable.

Videos are important. Thanks, Dena-Lynn for making such a helpful video.

One Love,
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Richard Goutal
Twitter: Goutal Richard

I thought for quite a few minutes after watching the video. I had gone back and perused a number of your blog posts and learned a lot about you: the breadth of interests, tough determination (from the about page), and the structure of your thinking (from the reasoning in the topics your write about). All very impressive- albeit a bit formal, even when speaking in the vernacular (like your reactions to the guy who passed his mailing list to other marketers!!).

So in the video you mention how one’s personality comes through in video. How true! It adds to the impressions I already had very positively. Your video adds a personal appeal, as Cindy said, a sense of humor, that would be missed with the text.

I don’t personally like video blogs – where all the posts are videos and little else. But I can see how a few videos can make the blog writer all that much more REAL to the readers. That’s what I learned here today.

And I liked your tip about the “pretend” interview. That could be done with humor too, and be fun.
Richard Goutal would like you to read How to Add Art in Your Marketing Projects Free Webinar SeriesMy Profile


Steven Dean

Hey Dena

I have to applaud you on your bravery Dena. I’m in the mist of creating video’s myself for my next marketing strategy; so people can start to get more of a feel of who I am. Just like you said, you have to grab the bull by the horns and take it head on. But Not bad at all for your first video, Im sure you will get so much better with time.

Steven Dean
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Linda G. Cox

You are a natural! I am so glad I’m watching you! I’ll follow your advice and with your 5 steps I’ll make great movies!!
Linda G. Cox would like you to read Fiverr- A Place Where Creativity is Available for only 5!My Profile


Val Wilcox

Loved it! I’m like Richard, I don’t care for doing videos. LOL But that’s because as soon as that little light goes on, everything I was going to say goes right out of my head. I freeze & have troubles remembering what to say. Getting better though, so hope is around the corner! You’ve shared some awesome tips on how to make this all work out.

Val 🙂
Val Wilcox would like you to read Dream It…Live It!My Profile



Hey Dena! I totally agree! It can get a lil uncomfortable at first, but I realized that since I started posting videos I just couldn’t stop 🙂 Videos definitely give a great boost to you and to your website and makes your conversion rate 10 higher.
Houda would like you to read Generate Traffic For Real! The New Traffic Generation Bomb- The Traffic Dashboard Review…My Profile


Janette Stoll
Twitter: janettestoll

Hi Denise,

I’m like Val and not a fan of videos much but that doesn’t mean I won’t do them. I love to write and I do believe that if you stick with what you enjoy, you’re more likely to get the work done. It’s hard enough for most people to get into action so it’s best to choose what you enjoy most. There are many ways to market online, thank goodness! 🙂

Great job!

Janette Stoll


Christine Casey

Hi Dena,

This was probably the best information I’ve come across so far in regards to why it’s important to be making video and especially, how to go about it. The five examples you gave really helped me with thinking of this whole concept a little bit different, and I feel, gave a positive spin to something I’ve personally been putting off – for a few of the reasons you shared. 🙂

Christine Casey would like you to read New Year…Time for a Turning PointMy Profile


sandra Spence

Hi Dena-Lynn
Awesome video and tips. You look so comfortable infront of the lense. Your 5 tips will help everyone get started and more comfortable too, like you said, “just get started”. What video editing software do you use?
To your next video, cheers:)
sandra Spence would like you to read Marketing with VideoMy Profile


Jenn May

Girl… You ROCKED that video!!! Confidence. Beauty and some awesomeness in value! Thank you for sharing and appreciate you! 🙂


Kimberly Castleberry

Video is just going to become more and more important as more and more areas of the globe get broadband and more and more mobile devices become internet enabled. Getting comfortable with video now is going to make that transition much easier for people. It will not replace the written blogs in total but it will place a much more flexible roll in blogging and self promotion going forward. Good stuff.
Kimberly Castleberry would like you to read The Synergy of Business and Blogging – Collaborative Publication – Volume 1My Profile


Willena Flewelling

Sounds like doing videos is similar to writing in a number of respects. It’s easier for me to write if I know my audience… and if I don’t know, then I imagine that I’m writing to a particular someone who would be representative of the group.

It’s also like playing the piano for someone who is singing… you don’t dare stop if you make a mistake or you throw the singer off.

Great video!

Willena Flewelling


Pat and Lorna Shanks


You look so confident and relaxed! We appreciate the tips on doing videos… great insight. Who knows, maybe we’ll turn into “video-making fools” 🙂

~ Pat and Lorna
Pat and Lorna Shanks would like you to read To Connect With Your Social Network Relationships… Pay Attention!My Profile


Melissa McCloud

great to connect w/you on TSA dena lynn 🙂

i like the suggestion about the slides; i definitely need to do some editing work to make my vids more appealing. thank you for the tips!
Melissa McCloud would like you to read The Man-Child You Love To HateMy Profile




Thanks for these awesome tips! I haven’t ventured out into the world of YouTube yet on my blog, but I know that I really need to start so I can expand my reach.

Thanks for the great tips! You make it look so easy!

Jenny would like you to read Power of Two Giveaway Winner!My Profile


Chris McCargar

Hey Dena…

I had been meaning to look at this since you published it, because I had the feeling it was going to be a “gem”. Funny… I kept looking at the email thinking – I gotta watch this – but here it is over 3 weeks later and I just opened it up… DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!!

Jenn May said it BEST… Confidence, Beauty…You did ROCK it! I didn’t realize that you were so funny either! Great tips…that I’m sure I’ll use… LOVED it! I’m reminded of that tune by Sly and TFS… “Everybody is a Star”…that’s you girl!
Chris McCargar would like you to read Manifest Your LifeMy Profile


Mary Lou Kayser

Hey Dena,
Great to see you using Talk Fusion and getting your message out there about overcoming fear of the camera. You look great and are a natural! So glad to see your 2011 is off to a roaring start. 🙂
Best to you as you move closer to your goals.
Mary Lou



Good tips. I am a lot more comfortable doing videos by talking to a camera than whit someone holding the camera. This is because if someone is holding the camera I will laugh :). On the other hand, I believe this is something we should enjoy. I loved you last tip and I think is the best. Keep on going is the best way to achieve everything. Moreover, videos can be edited and we can laugh of our errors later by saving the footage of the copy.

Thanks for sharing,
Daniel would like you to read Girls knee high socksMy Profile


Lesly Federici

Hi Dena,
Nice to meet you through TSA – I don’t think I’ve been here before! Very nice blog and I enjoyed your video making tips. Always helpful to get tips in this area. Thanks!
Lesly Federici would like you to read Morphing – It’s a Beautiful WordMy Profile



You are gorgeous girl, a natural in front of the camera, and humorous to boot! Love the steps and the reminder that we don’t have to be perfect because we can edit. That alone makes it so appealing to do videos! What fun to be able to act in front of a camera and share it with our friends. I agree with Daniel… keep the out-takes so we can also have a good laugh later!


Steve Shoemaker

Dena great information. Videos are becoming more and more relevant in conjunction with all that we do. I love shooting how to videos with camtasia more than head shots but they all have their place. These are some good tips especially #5 keep on keeping on.

Steve Shoemaker would like you to read I Want To Brand My Name! Let This Cool Tool Show You If It’s AvailableMy Profile


The GREAT Edward

Hey Dena-Lynn,

Thanks for sharing this with us.
The best one that you mentioned is to keep doing it. The act of being in motion and taking action on things moves you towards your fears.

Keep taking the action towards your dreams.

Make it a great day!
God Bless,
The GREAT Edward!
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Peter Fuller MBA
Twitter: prfuller

Some great tips Dena

I agree with many above, just keep doing it is a powerful tip that many just ignore.

What is the saying “Practice makes Perfect”

Peter Fuller MBA would like you to read How to Attract your Niche to your Blog – Day 3 of 5My Profile


Tristan Azcona

Wonderful video!
These are really cool tips on how to do video marketing.
The one I enjoyed the most is DON’T STOP. Camera Jitters, Not Looking into the Camera, Loss of thought is natural at a beginning stage but you will improve and be more comfortable as you keep on doing it.

I myself am breaking the barrier and going in front of the camera, something I am definitely NOT used to.

This is a MUST HAVE skill as the market is evolving to one that doesn’t just click through an affiliate link and requires a good relationship 😉

To our Video Marketing Success!
Tristan Azcona would like you to read Don’t Patronize MeMy Profile


Pastor Sherry

Dena, you’re a natural in front of the camera! I appreciated this post. I haven’t even begun to think about videos yet, as I’m just getting into blogging. One step at a time, huh! But your tips were something I want to stick in my mind and mull over. Someday when I’m ready, I’ll take them out and use them. Thanks for your post.
Pastor Sherry would like you to read What Is God Like- Part 2My Profile


Dave and Dawn Cook

Don’t think of it as a big project or a big deal. The only real difficulty is any you place on it. I’m sure you’ll be great in front of the camera. Just think of your audience like your congregation where I’m sure you feel most comfortable.
Dawn and (Dave)


Dave and Dawn Cook

Hi Dena,
You did a great job with this video. I like how you goofed around a bit and you were yourself, for sure. You were very natural which is key so we know that you are one to listen to on doing effective videos.

I especially like your last tip of just keep going when you make a mistake within the video. As you said, you can just pause and then continue on. If you make a joke of it too then maybe you won’t want to edit that part out since, like you said, no one wants to watch someone who is perfect. If you can get your audience to laugh with you then you are really connecting with them.

Thanks for sharing your great tips on video. We all need to do it as often as possible.

Dawn and (Dave)
Dave and Dawn Cook would like you to read 3 Simple Videos Show How To Set Up Your Blog FastMy Profile


Linda Thomas
Twitter: LindaThomasEntp

Hi Dena,
You seem like a natural! And I enjoyed your tips. I purchased a camera, but have been so busy I have not had a chance to use it yet, but it is definitely on my list.
I look forward to hearing from you again soon,


Angela Arnold

Hi, Dena,
I love video, and it seems to be a natural medium for you. You have great videos all over. I am planning to get into video in a big way, and to carry my camera with me everywhere. In fact, my new motto is, “Don’t leave home without it.”

Thanks for sharing.
Angela Arnold would like you to read Internet Marketing Secrets the Gurus Won’t Tell YouMy Profile


Staci Miller

I am working on overcoming my discomfort with video. You seem to have done that very well. I guess it is time to put in more practice and really get into the videos more. Thank you for sharing.
Staci Miller would like you to read Red Ribbon Choker Set Item 1024My Profile


jodi lee
Twitter: theecoblogger

Dena – Lynn, Just gotta do it to get over the fear of it! Way to go – your vids are great!
jodi lee would like you to read Top Ten Veggies-Fruits to Buy Organic and 10 you don’t have toMy Profile


Raena Lynn
Twitter: raenalynntweet1

Hi Dena-Lynn,
I really appreciate this post. I have to tell you the first time I video taped myself I couldn’t bear it! I tried about 20 times and I was not satisfied. I finally decided to just do it and I posted one on You Tube. After a couple of days I chickened out and removed it. Now that you have given these cool 5 tips, I’m going to give it another shot! I know videos are the way to go becasue people can see you and relationships are easier to build. I admire anyone who post their personal videos:)

I like your list:

2)Have a camera person
3)Keep it short 3-5 minutes
4)Pretend you are being interviewed
5)Keep on Going!

You are so natural and very funnny..Your in, your out..bam..boom…haha
Raena Lynn
Raena Lynn would like you to read My Favorite Post March 30-April 5My Profile


Deb Augur
Twitter: mywebgal

Hi Dena-Lynn,

It is difficult to start doing video and focus on yourself. It’s much easier to do a screen capture video! I had to jump in and make videos of myself because that’s how your visitors will get to know you best. I had advised my clients this for years but hadn’t done it myself until just a couple of months ago.

Your tips are really excellent and should make it easier for people to get going. Nicely done!
Deb Augur@MyWebGal Design and Development would like you to read How to Use FireFTPMy Profile


Beth Allen
Twitter: bethnelsonallen

Awesome video, Dena-Lynn! I’m very impressed if you are new to video! I took on a 30 day video challenge when I started with video a little over a year ago, and it was a time of much growth and I got really comfortable by the end. I had a huge problem with the “talking to the lens” part you discussed, and while I couldn’t have a real person behind the camera very often, I found even taping a picture of someone I care about to the camera really helped. Just staring at a red dot made me crazy! 🙂

I also want to second what you said about just keeping on going ~ when I watch back my videos from those early days they are somewhat painful with all the “um’s” I used, but it was part of the growth process and I wouldn’t be where I am now with video if I’d let those um’s stop me! 🙂

Thanks for sharing your great tips ~ and for making a rockin’ video!
Beth Allen would like you to read The Power Living PledgeMy Profile


Brandon Wraith
Twitter: BrandonWraith

Hey Dena-Lynn, I could tell you are really stepping out of your comfort zone as you are teaching this, that’s great. You are providing an example of what you are teaching, I’m proud! You bring up some very valid points and give some sound advice, I can tell you are beginning to become a lot more comfortable on video. I am sure you will be fully confident (if you are not already) on video and be unstoppable.

A tip for losing your train of thought: keep a board or poster behind the camera with points you were going to talk about that you can associate with so you can keep on track.

Keep up the good work!
Brandon Wraith would like you to read How to Achieve Bigger ThingsMy Profile


Eldon Beard

Hi Dena-Lynn,

I appreciate your tips and insight here. Video is something I’ve struggled with. Having a tendency to be a perfectionist doesn’t help things – I can’t count how many takes I’ve done and then scrapped it and started all over because I didn’t like some little thing. I’ve learned over time, though, to just be natural and relax and not worry about the little things. As you mentioned in your video above, “who wants to look at anybody who appears to be perfect”? 🙂
Eldon Beard would like you to read Home Business Tips – Three Ways to Increase ProductivityMy Profile


Donna Turner

Hi Dena-Lynn,

Thanks for the video tips. that was very helpful and fun to watch. Could I ask you a question? I know you suggested using a camera and cameraman, which would solve my problem, but sometimes I want to just use my webcam. So far, I haven’t been able to get the audio and video synched. I look like I’m in an over-dubbed movie. Do you know why that would happen?

Is there anyone else out there who can help me? HP laptop, Windows 7

Keep up the good work, Dena-Lynn. Thanks for the tips.

Donna Turner


Mandy Swift
Twitter: _MandySwift_

Hi Dena. I LOVE your video – and your video style – you are a complete natural 🙂
Great tips for the video novice and your style would make anyone feel completely at ease with you.
I totally agree with you, video allows your personality to shine through like nothing else. And I am totally with you on the tips – especially the one about just keeping going. The best way to get good on video is to get good on video, and you can only do that if you keep going! Plus, many times when you watch yourself back, you are not nearly as bad as you had imagined yourself to be when you were talking. (I can’t tell you how many video re-takes it took me to realise that most of the time, I sounded fine and the only thing that messed up the video was the fact that I stopped, gave it a couple of @##*@!s and had to start again!)
Fantastic video to inspire the video newbie – I will definitely be sharing, thanks 🙂


Etieno Etuk
Twitter: donnylem

Awesome content & video, Dena. I’ve learned a thing or two. It’s important to keep your video short & sweet. Let your audience know in the first couple of seconds what they’re going to get out of watching your video. Even if you make an error, don’t stop the video. Just keep going. People like to watch people who are themselves on their videos anyway. The more you make videos, the better you’ll get. Repitition is the mother of all skill.

Thanks for sharing.
Etieno Etuk would like you to read How To Generate MLM Leads on Social Bookmarking Sites – Can You Digg It?My Profile


John Clark

I think you were being modest when you said that you were imperfect and fumbling while speaking on the video. I absolutely enjoyed your video especially your humor and the clarity with which you conveyed your points effectively.


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