5 Deadly Habits That Kill Your Attraction Marketing Efforts

by Dena-Lynn

in Marketing

There’s a new breed of entrepreneur who relies primarily on online attraction marketing to grow their business. Former corporate types who grew wings and have become solo-entrepreneurs, coaches, or consultants. A mom or dad who chooses to fulfill their desire to stay at home with the kids while simultaneously working in direct sales or network attraction marketingmarketing. And, countless others, from Gen Y to Boomers, who see the freedom benefits of engaging in the new economy on their own terms.

These new entrepreneurs arise from diverse backgrounds and have different motives but they all share a vulnerability to the same deadly common denominator. While working in and enjoying the self directed lifestyle while developing their attraction marketing content – their lifestyle may be a breeding ground for the development or perpetuation of bad habits.

“Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting in a particular way.”

Of course, everyone has habits – habits are merely your consistent and entrenched behaviours. Some behaviours serve you well and are definitely those that you want to hold on to, especially if they will lead to your successful outcome. There are also those bad habits that lead to your demise – in life and in your business.

It’s vital to constantly take note of your habits and assess how they’re serving you in your attraction marketing efforts.

Are you accomplishing all that you want to accomplish AND that which you are capable? Are you where you expected to be at this point in your business? Is something missing? What more can you do? These questions are a starting point to gain some insight about your habitual behaviours… your results are often a clear indication of your daily habits.

If you’re not satisfied with your discovery during your observation of you in action, it’s really necessary to pinpoint the place where your chain of success is weak or broken. Take a look at these most popular offenders.

Attraction Marketing Killing Deadly Habits

1 – Procrastination – People who succeed take action immediately. Obviously, at this point, you’re not in a position for someone to tell you what to do – you’re working on your own. If you don’t get it done – it won’t get done. That video, that blog post, that email – whatever you have taken the time to put on your to do list is there for a reason. Your audience, the people who you are marketing to, will not politely wait for you to get it together. Because your means to get customers and clients is dependent on your attraction marketing activities, your quick action is necessary for you to stay in business.

2 – Complacency – People who succeed do not settle for good enough. The reality is that it is to your benefit to shine and stand out so that you’ll be noticed first and most among your competition. Shooting for excellence is the best way to get that accomplished. If you settle for so-so work, you will be lost among a sea of competitors who make it their business to shine. It’s business.

3 – Imitation – Now is the time to be the authentic you while you create your very best attraction marketing pieces of content. You do not want to be confused with someone else, you want your target market to know that you in particular are best to serve their needs. Why confuse them by trying to imitate someone else. If you’re going to do that – just send them to the person that you’ve already decided is their best bet. But, if you are determined to succeed – be different to stand out and let your uniqueness flow.

4 – Shyness – People won’t know about you if you don’t speak up and tell them. Self promotion is essential.

It’s easy to fall into the I don’t have to interact with people

attraction marketing mindset.

This mindset will only carry you so far. There’s going to come a time when you begin to attract your target market that they’ll definitely want to interact with you personally or expect that you would. To get more involved with you and actually purchase your products and services, people need to feel secure – they need to feel that they can trust you. Your commitment to overcoming your shyness is not negotiable.

5 – Inconsistency – Your messages ought to be congruent. If you’re targeting a certain audience, especially, there should be no mistake about who you’re speaking to in your attraction marketing material. Being consistent with your message will make you easy to locate in searches and easy to remember as the expert or go to person for the specific information. Additionally, being consistent will eliminate the chance for confusion over what you’re about and what and who you choose to serve. In the end, being consistent is a win-win for you and your audience.

If you see yourself in any one of these deadly habits, it’s time that you let them go. Can you see how the habits of procrastination, complacency, imitation, shyness, and inconsistency work against you in business and hamper your attraction marketing results?

Live Well & Be Empowered,


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tyson Schmidt

Great article as always, I know I’m bad on that prascratinating thing, use to be shy but to tell you the truth I can handle online very well just not approaching strangers in the store.



Hi Dena…Marketing is really important and these habits can definitely kill them…Thank you for your great article here…
ShirleyFai would like you to read Home Remedies For GoutMy Profile


Donna Merrill

Hi Dena-Lynn

It’s been a while…I seemed to have lost track with you! This post is excellent!

Attraction marketing is a part of the whole picture of the marketing platform. But it is to me, the strongest one. No matter how you market, it all gets down to YOU! I always say that people buy people. That is where Attraction Marketing comes in.

We must be consistent with our blogs, social platforms and our follow up emails. We do need to get over our shyness. That was a struggle for me, going in front of the camera at first, but now you cannot keep me away. Funny how when you have that business mindset, you tend to put on a hat for those bad hair days lol!

You also mention imitation…oh boy is that a deadly one! Being yourself is the best way to go. People have a funny way of knowing if you are faking it.

Great post and it is good to see you again,
Donna Merrill would like you to read MastermindingMy Profile



oh my goodness, Donna – yes, it’s been a long time! Great to see you and thanks for visiting 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoyed my post. I definitely have to agree with you on the issue of going in front of the camera – for me it’s not necessarily shyness either, it’s more like – I have to make myself look presentable, hair/makeup – all that stuff… lol. I’m sure that David doesn’t have those issues 🙂 Please give him my regards – Again, thanks for stopping by!

Dena Lynn


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